Review: Have a Happy Tummy with Capilano Beeotic Honey with natural prebiotics from Australia

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Are you a fan of Honey? Have you been taking it or using it regularly? I am sure most of you have at least a bottle of Honey at home due to its long list of benefits and uses. While some of us like to take it as a refreshing drink to soothe the throat, I have been taking honey regularly to strengthen my body’s immune system and sometimes use it in substitution of sugar.


There are many types of honey in the market ranging from the flora, mild to hearty types to the more commonly heard Manuka which not only has healing properties, but increase our body’s immunity.

If you had been purchasing honey from your regular grocery store, you may have come across this brand of honey called Capilano.

About Capilano:
Capilano Honey was established in 1953 as a cooperative to support Australian beekeepers by Brisbane brothers Tim and Bert Smith. More than six decades later, Capilano is proud to continue to supply delicious, 100% pure Australian honey from their network of more than 600 beekeeping families across Australia. For more information, visit

Capilano Honey is based in Australia and they have recently launch the world’s first clinically-tested honey with naturally occurring prebiotics, Beeotic®.

Beeotic® is the result of extensive research and a world-first clinical study conducted through the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to identify the widely recognised, but until now unproven, prebiotic health potential of selected Australian honeys.


So what are the benefits of consuming Prebiotics Honey?

  •  Prebiotic rich foods (e.g. Jerusalem artichoke, onion, garlic, leek, asparagus) can help the good bacteria in your gut grow, improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio and helps to improve your digestive health.
  • Honey has been used to help normalise digestive balance (by raising levels of good bacteria and suppressing potentially harmful ones in the digestive tract) they are a good source of prebiotics.

About Beeotic®:
Beeotic® is 100% pure Australian honey. The name ‘Beeotic®’ comes from the incredible natural phenomenon in which, during the process of converting nectar into honey, bees add special enzymes that help create prebiotic sugars in conjunction with their own diverse gut microbiota.


If you are looking at improving your overall digestive health, simply consume a daily dose of 14ml (equivalent of 1tbsp). I personally prefer to scoop my honey using a wooden or plastic spoon to prevent spoiling the properties but so long as you do not “soak” your spoon in the jar of honey, it should be fine.


This product is halal-certified and is recommended for children 12 months and up. The bottle comes with a Lift “n” Peel seal which is such a clever idea! I used to struggle opening seals, leaving uneven edges, but not anymore with this.



I love they honey’s smooth texture and its sweetness when ingested. You can also use this honey on your pancakes and waffles instead of your regular maple syrup.


Feel free to drizzle them on your bread as a bread spread or make them into a refreshing honey lemon drink in this hot, wet and occasionally erratic weather to boost your body’s immunity.  1 tablespoon of honey is sufficient to make a glass, you can adjust this according to your taste preference.


The squeeze upside down bottle is friendly for your pancakes and you can go hands free. Great for adding them to your drinks to use the honey as a sweetener and no mess from digging the jar.


Where to purchase?
Beeotic® is available in all leading supermarkets (NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage) in Singapore in two BPA-free PET variants: 340g upside down ($16.80) and 500g jar ($22.00).


Before you head off, I am pleased to announce that Capilano Honey had given me 2 additional sets ( 1 Jar + 1 Upside down Jar) for my giveaway so I’ll be doing the giveaway over on my instagram and facebook page soon. Do follow me at and for more details of how you can win a set for yourself.


For more information about Capilano Honey :




Twitter: @Capilano_Honey


Disclaimer: Thank you Capilano Honey for sending these products over for my review. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.




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