Party Popper Singapore Launch At Backstage Cafe


Hey people! There are so many occasions in our life which are worth celebrating. From the time we are born (Birthday party), to the time we finish our studies (Graduation party) to our courtship (Wedding celebration, solemnization party, hen’s night, proposal night, wedding anniversary) to witnessing a new born (Baby announcement party) etc etc.


You get it, you can choose to be happy over the smallest thing, so why worry about that one event or incident that is making you feel miserable? Come on, lets Celebrate Life. By the way, are you looking at my wine bottle party popper! Yes, this is a popper too!


So how do you celebrate in your parties? Other than having a table full of delicacies, which will lead to added calories in your diet and balloon decorations which are old school but fun to have or flower baskets which are beautiful.





Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore


Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore

You can celebrate the opening of your business with a dose of traditional lion dance and dragon dance performance! Just like what Party Popper Singapore did when they officially launched their new business. Congratulations to business founder Mr Marcus Poh, on the opening of your new company. The grand celebration totally made us feel as if we are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

About Party Popper Singapore:

Party Popper Singapore,ย  is the ONLY Specialist in Party popper in Singapore! They offer the widest range of party poppers at the most competitive pricing. You may wish to browse their products for the full range of different poppers for your needs.

They also offer Customization of popper packaging for your weddings, corporate events or company branding.

Find out more about Party Popper Singapore can enhance your events, parties and celebrations.

Your happiness is their business! Celebrate Lifeโ€ฆ


There are tons of party poppers and each of them pops out with different varieties of bits, streamers, flower petals, confetti and even “dollar bills”. I didn’t know that there are so many varieties available. Oh wow! Each of these poppers also differs in size, there are shorter and smaller poppers at 20cm, 25cm, to the longer ones at 30cm to 60cm.

The longer the party popper it means that there will be more confetti when popped, which also means that they will be slightly higher in pricing. But fret not as Party Popper Singapore has the most range of party poppers at the most affordable pricing.


Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore

Do you know that in the past month about 18k party poppers were popped for various occasions? There is also a trend that some people made used of the poppers to announce the gender of their babies judging by the colour of the poppers.


I think the hot favourite that day was the Dollar Party Cannon which pops out with these US dollar bills. I wonder what are the consequences if these are REAL. I bet there will be money grabbers following you… These are great for the opening of new business and birthday parties (for your money minded friends).


These party poppers are also customizable! You can even opt to have your wedding pictures printed for your guest. I think most of your guest will not pop the party popper but end up bringing it home as a table gift or sovenior instead.


You can go for the poppers that pops the rose petals for your wedding celebrations or photography. They look so romantic and definitely photo worthy.


Look at the different variation of confetti popped here! There are circle bits, flower petals, star petals, golden streaks, heart confetti and more. The wine popper gives you an assortment of confetti which are not only colourful but fun.


Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore

I was a little fearful of the loud pop sound created but thankful to this crowd for popping them with me. It felt quite fun after the first attempt of trying to pop one. Some of them were so addicted to popping that they just couldn’t stop going for more. Thank you Party Popper Singapore for being so generous and allowing us to try out most of the different variants.


Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore

There are several ways to pop a party popper. The one on the left in this photo is a popper that requires you to twist the popper in an opposite direction, while the one Cookie is holding on requires you to slide up to activate and press on a button to pop the party popper, you are also required to remove the “lid” of the popper so that the confetti will scatter in the air.


Photo Credits: Party Popper Singapore

Thank you Cookie for popping this with me. Oh, and I just loved the effects from the party poppers! They looked so pretty in pictures don’t you agree?
Prices of these poppers range from $1.50 – $9.50 onward depending on the size of the popper and the variation of the confetti. Check out Party Popper Singapore for more information and grab some for your up coming celebrations. These are so worth the price paid for to boost the party’s mood.

For a small fee, purchase these party poppers and pop them with your friends. Enjoy a fun-filled party because you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t pop one. I am sure your guest will love them too. These are wonderful memories created and will stay with you for a life-time to come.

For more information, check out Party Popper at:
Party Popper Facebook
Party Popper Singapore Instagram
Party Popper Website


Disclaimer: Thank you Party Popper Singapore for having me. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz, unless otherwise credited. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them. All views expressed are truthful.




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