Steigen – Integrate technology into modern homes

There are times to do different things in our lives. There was a stage where everyone around me was going to the university, people started getting married, having their own homes and having babies. Which stage of your life are you at now?

Regardless if you are looking to furnish your new found love nest, or looking to renovate your “wear and tears” at home. Read more to find out how Steigen products can help you make your love nest more innovative and friendly by integrating the best found technologies.


You may hear of the brand from your interior designers or retailers since this is a very popular brand with praise worthy products.

About Steigen:
Steigen is founded by a team of homeowners who were searching for the best innovative solutions for their homes. We are passionate to share the best products available and help integrate the latest technologies into Singapore’s modern homes.

In the olden homes, we used to hang out wet and dripping clothes onto the bamboo poles to sun dry. Can you imagine how dangerous it is, to have your elderly mum standing on a chair, and hanging out clothes to sun dry? Read about accidents from domestic workers or the elderly falling downstairs due to sun drying their laundry  and you will get what i meant. This is exactly why the team decided to come out with an affordable solution for their own elderly at home.

In the newer HDB homes, we dry our clothes indoors on the pre-installed elevated metal railings in our service yard. This is a brilliant idea but with some disadvantage. No doubt we now have a safer place to hang our clothes, but there are still some issues.

Introducing you the solution to your laundry drying problems:


Steigen Exalt automated laundry system incorporates the German designed motor and is built to last.

(1) It is safe to use as it is indoors, there is no need for climbing of chairs and risking a fall, since this system is fully automated. You can operate the device easily with a battery-operated remote control. Unlike the traditional laundry drying system in HDB flats which is operated manually.


(2) The system lifts up to 35 kg of clothes with a touch. If you are a petite lady like me, you don’t have to manually raise the laundry bar with all your might. You can also hang heavy bed sheets and comforters to dry.  The bars can be brought down, and extended to hang your heavy laundry.


I also love it that they have all these holes at the sides for us to hold our hangers directly. It is so easy to use and friendly too. You don’t have to worry about the strong winds making your clothes hit one another or making your clothes fall off the racks.


(3) The entire unit can be powered by a lighting point to reduce the amount of energy consumption in comparison with the conventional electric dryers. It even comes with an automated 2-hr shut off Solar Tubes and fans. Bonus points goes to the LED Lamp which can double up as  an additional lighting source. This is really helpful for busy people who does their laundry at night. All these adds up to lots of cost savings!


(4) If you love the smell of sun dried clothes, you’ll probably like its unique air circulator design, which ensure that warm of the sun is delivered to all your clothes hanging on the rack at 34 to 35 degree celsius.

The drying is also delicate and brings out the natural fluffiness of your clothes minus the UV rays which may cause your clothes to fade. The Steigen’s Solar series speeds up laundry drying and ensures that 99.9% of bacteria and misty odour are elimiated.


The space of the individual metal poles are properly spaced out so that you clothes will not hit against each other on the opposite racks.


There are 4 basic models that Steigen can offer you with a price range of $799 – $999.

The systems can be installed at your balcony or service yard and even integrated with a false ceiling. You don’t have to worry about the wires as they will be properly concealed to fit into your interior design works.

  1. Exalt + Flexi : This is the basic model with automated lifting and lowering for laundry yards with sufficient sunlight and wind.
  2. Exalt +UV : There are Ultraviolet lamps and single directional fans to help speed up drying.
  3. Exalt + Solar : There is a built-in heating technology to drive heat throughout laundry to allow your clothes to dry evenly, it operates with 0.9 kWh and reduce the average drying time to 1-2hrs and eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria and musty odour.
  4. Exalt + Solar S : Slimmer unit with heating technology for condo dwellers.

The Exalt + Solar unit is the most sought after model, as it has the built-in heating technology and it helps to eliminate both bacteria and that odd musty odour in the laundry so I would highly recommend this system if you are thinking of purchasing a set for your new home. For existing home owners, fret not as Steigen can assist you to dismantle your existing laundry system with no cost if you purchase any of their laundry system.

Find out more about the Steigen Laundry System in the video here.
Find out more about Steigen Exalt + Solar product here.

If you are interested to purchase the Steigen Exalt + Solar, Steigen is pleased to offer my readers $50 discount when you quote “STEIGEN50” through this link , SMS/Whatsapp to 8818 6588 or email to

Do also check them out via:
Steigen Website
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Steigen Retailers

Steigen Showroom:
140 Paya Lebar Road,
#06-19 AZ@Paya Lebar,
Singapore 409015

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