T.Grand from Taiwan Launches new refreshing juice drinks with Chia Seed

Have you heard of the brand T.Grand? You might be familiar with their milk tea beverages as they can be found in convenient stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as schools all over Taiwan.


Sipping a bottle of their signature Assam Black Tea while on an excursion with the fido! It was so hot that I had difficulty keeping my eyes opened, so may as well close them and enjoy my drink LOL.

The brand is famous for their Assam Milk Tea and Assam Black Tea. Not only in Taiwan, these drinks are sold all over the world in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong and now in our country, Singapore too.


Their assortment of teas which comes in green tea, tapioca, strawberry flavors, lemon tea, black tea and juice with Chia seeds.


Newly launched drinks included the Apple & Calamansi & Lemon Fusion drink, Pineapple and Orange drink both with Chia seeds in them. They retail at $2.40 each (500ml) and are available at Redmart.com, selected Cheers outlets, FairPrice Express outlets, and ShengSiong Supermarkets.


I love how colourful their packaging are and their assortment of drinks now includes juices to cater to the juice lovers. Each packaging clearly identifies what they are selling and comes in similar bottles for the type of tea. Notice the milk tea had a “slim waist” type of packaging while the black and lemon tea were in a rounder bottle. While the 2 new juice bottles had yellow caps and a brighter type of wrapper on them.


The 1st tea which I have tried from T.grand, is the Assam Milk Tea. I liked that it doesn’t taste as sweet when compared to the local “teh tarik” which had a darker colour and that I could taste the flavors from the tea, before the milk. The milk did not over power the taste of the tea like most milk teas. Those whom prefer tea with milk would like this.


Next I tried the Assam Green Milk Tea. I haven’t tried green milk tea before so this was something interesting. It has a subtle green tea taste similar to the green tea powder. I was kind of surprised that the milk tea was not green in colour.

drink 2

I loved the range of teas that T.grand had send over for my trial and review. If you are a tea lover, these would suit your liking. Plus, they are so affordable so there’s no risk of trying them out.

Support them via their social medias @:
Facebook: tgrandassamteasg
Instagram: tgrandassamteasg

Thank you for sending the range of milk tea, juices and assorted teas. All views expressed are truthful. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.


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