Samplestore Shopper’s Paradise Event at Punggol Waterway Point (P2)

Have you seen my article on the wordpress blog about the Samplestore Shopper’s Paradise Event? So, we got to bring back amazing loots. But, have you ever wonder what are the purposes of attending these type of events? Here I list down 5 good reasons as well as share with you some product reviews from Beautykeeper.

1. Events such as the Samplestore Shopper’s Paradise allows you to get exposure to the various brands that are available in the market.

They are there so as expose their brand to the public, advertise on their product, as well as to get to know you (the consumer) better.

Through the SSSP event I got to understand more about Beauty Keeper and get a glimpse of their latest product offerings. Some of these product cannot be redeemed via the Samplestore website yet, as they are newly released.

You don’t have to speak to all the booth holders but you get to see and talk to those whom you are interested to know more about. It is a great chance especially if you are a newbie blogger, or they are are a new brand in town, as they are gathered in the same location. Saves you the effort on approaching them one by one and asking for samples doesn’t it?

Some brands are louder than the others and more generous when it comes to their goodie bags. These brands get more exposures as influencers tend to promote more for them and are more willing to do shout outs or review their items. So, dear sponsors, you guys know what to do for the next Influencer’s party ya?

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts after trying out some of their products.

All-Belle from Taiwan are famous for their wide range of fake eyelashes but I did not know that they were into face mask too. I love this set that I am gifted with but I haven’t found the opportunity to put them off. Soon! I think.


This particular Xi-shi mask was picked up from the beauty keeper loots. I was expecting that the mask would have the prints of Xi-shi on it but nope, it was only the wrapper. What was impressive was that they do away with the additional pearl paper in an effort to be environmental friendly. The effects of the mask were good as my face feels smoother and brighter after masking. I did not experience any negative effects too. Unlike other mask sheets, they had deliberately made their mask sheet larger so that they can fit on the masses’ face.


Serlando, which originated from US in 1997 had a rather interesting product. I have heard so much from this product that it got me really curious.

Simply roll on this product to your lips, areola, private parts or bikini line to get a perfect pink glow. Wow, which other product can do that? Due to hygiene purposes, I wouldn’t want to try them anywhere else other than my lips thou.


I do like the Pink sheer that they left on my lips. These are moisturizing and not as oily as I think they would be. The pink sheer was also quite lasting, takes a while to dry, and I would wear to attend my classes and my lips would be moisturized all day long.


I am sure there are times which you have made an error while drawing your eyebrows, eyeliners or lip liners? Starsuki the Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0 is here for your rescue. I thought that i was gifted with a dual eyeliner pen until I read the product name. Holly Molly! Someone finally came out with the perfect rescue solution.


The brush of the pen is so gentle and the tips are fine enough to tailor to your every correction needs. If the mistake is too serious to be corrected, grab the total cleansing eye and lip makeup remover, dap some on the cotton wool, place over your eye or lip makeup and see them magically melt away. As this is a cleansing oil, it is a tad oily but super effective in removing your eye and Lip make-up. You can use them on your face but I wouldn’t recommend it, as they are quite oily and will take sometime to be washed off. I’ve already tested these and they worked so well for me.


If you haven’t already gotten yourself some DD Cream. These one from Userim has SPF 50 on them. They are not only regular makeup base, they act as your sunscreen, oil control, moisturizer and even promise to hold up your make-up. They are so good that you can just rely on them and skip your face powder all together. The Ivory light shade which I have gotten has good coverage on my face (although I still need to apply my concealer for dark spots and pimples). It does however, melt away under the strong hot sun in Singapore, so you may need re-application if you are outdoors for a long period of time.


The Userism Bright Whitening Ultra-Water Facial Mask, on the other hand provides your face with the much moisture it requires. Not only that, the remaining essence could be re-used for the next few days. I like it that they even provide the tweezers so I need dig out the mask sheet with my hands.

I am so happy with my loots! What are yours? Do share with me too.

2. Mingle with fellow bloggers, influencers, make new friends or catch up with the old friends.

I am quite a shy person you had met me before and I don’t usually talk much until you get to know me personally. For myself, I took the opportunity to  catch up with my fellow blogger friends as we each have busy schedules on our own and don’t always get the same type of event invites. Thankfully some of us were available that day, so we took the chance to catch up.

us 3

Photo Credits: Tracy

Cheers to our friendship with these Yeos Juscool sparkling drinks.


Chilling over some sparkling orange juice on an extremely hot evening. This is so refreshingly good! I have yet to try out all the flavors but so far the peach and orange are doing well. I love those flavours.

3. Check out on-going sales and promotions at the booths.

Usually during such events there will be lots of freebies, goodie bag as well as photo booth/photo-taking opportunities, lucky draws and samples.

Look at the generosity and love from the SSSP Sponsors. How can we not love them? You won’t get these kind of love elsewhere so this is your privilege as an influencer. But wait, we people work hard for it. All these event invites and product review opportunities does not just drop from the sky. We worked for it.

4. Lead the life of an explorer.

Life is already so boring! Stop couching at home. Take a break from your school, work, or whatever you are doing to get some life out there. Events as such gives us an opportunity to travel to places in Singapore which we haven’t been to before, or to check out a new location. I dare say, some people would never come to Punggol Waterway if not because of this event.


There were some promotions for chalet booking and Wild & Wet Premium Membership! There is so much to see and do over here.

5. In all essence, have fun and take this opportunity to try out and review some of these products which you haven’t had the opportunity to try and mingle on!

I had a relatively good experience although it will be better if the other participating booths could throw in some sachets of their products, have more interaction with the influencers and that they can be more approachable since we have already identified ourselves as the Samplestore influencers. It would also be good if we can have our exclusive “preview” session before the event area is opened up to the public.

It is however, still an event worth checking out and I am thankful for the experience and the generous sponsorship from the participating brands. Till the next event…

Thank you to the various sponsors for the goodie bag and Samplestore for the event invites. All views expressed are my own.


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