Samplestore Shopper’s Paradise Event at Punggol Waterway Point

Hey people, were you at the Samplestore’s Shopper’s Paradise (SSSP) Event held at the Village Square of Punggol Waterway Point last weekend? I was there as the Samplestore’s Influencer and I was glad I did, because there were just so many booths to explore and there were plenty of heavily discounted items too.  We also get to bring home bags of goodies which I am gonna take sometime to show you and walk you through towards the end of my post.


Me, Tracy and Jessie doing a crazy gif dance at the Samplestore Photobooth

We were hosted to a Influencer’s gathering at the Waterway Point’s bright and cheery, Party room and you would be happy to know that this place is now open for booking! Read on to find out how you can book for this room.


We were fed at the function room shortly before the briefing commences. Look at that rainbow burger!  These are courtesy of Brunches Cafe.

Brunches Cafe had these amazing looking rainbow burgers that were insta-worthy! Its no wonder it was the highlight of our meal.


If you are planning for a birthday party for your kids, do check out this place. 2 Tables would be provided along with 8 chairs for adults and 8 stools for children. There are also refrigerator, hot water dispenser, sink and television equipment provided for your usage.

You can pop by to have a look if you wish! It is located at the 2nd level of Waterway Point’s west wing, just beside Geláre. You need to walk straight and head out, then turn to your right. The room is cozy and away from the shopping area so you’ll get the privacy your party requires.

We then proceed to the Village Square to explore the booths by ourselves. There were a couple of brands whom I have been working with and I was glad I had the opportunity to check them out during the SSSP. With this event, there were also new updates and I managed to make use of the opportunity to catch up with some of my friends.


If you had redeemed the Goodie Bag, you would have seen this in your bag. The goodie bag is worth $79 and it consist of the Klarity Diamond Glow tube of mask and Belif Samples.

I had already put the Klarity Diamond Glow Mask to the test and boy, it worked so well on my skin. If you haven’t tried it, I would like to urge you to take it out and try it on tonight. Snapshots of this mask can be found on my instagram review. The good thing is that you don’t even have to wash them away or wait around for them to be ready to take them off.



If you had dropped by the Padeve Herbal Sanitary pads booth, I believe they would have also given you some samples of their herbal Sanitary pads to try. They were very generous to sponsor the Influencers all 4 different variants for our review. I wouldn’t say I can’t wait to try them on (I have very very bad menstrual pains for those who knows me well) in this case but they would certainly be the first herbal sanitary pad that I am going to to try out.

Now, who wouldn’t wanna smell great and feel good during the worst time of the month? Plus, I would urge you to support your fellow SG fellows as this brand is from Singapore.

I managed to try the ultra liners already, they are rather comfortable to wear and the herbal scent helps to keep me feeling fresh all day!

Born in Singapore, Padeve provides herbal sanitary pads and pantyliner made from premium materials. All products are engineered to be smooth, comfortable and absorbent. Our products also gives a cooling and refreshing feeling!

Saw these sports top at the Beauty Keeper Booth! They look so comfortable to wear. They look really decent and comes in an assortment of colours too. I hope to try them on someday! Love the pink ones.


These Tawian Mask sheets have such a nice packaging! We were attracted to them while exploring the booth. I can’t wait to look like an ancient beauty already! How about you?


Next up are my loots from BeautyKeeper(TW)! They weren’t as generous as they were compared to the previous time according to my friends who went for the Samplestore Giftopia event last year. But I’m glad I still get to try some of their products from the various Taiwan brands. I shall be reviewing these items soon so stay tuned to my blog to read more if you are interested. I’ve also worked with them previously to review some of their products. You can read about them here.

Look at those Orange Queen lashes from All Belle. I’ve tried lashes from this brand before and they are of top quality. Lashes from Taiwan are the best and many Make Up Artist are using Taiwan lashes too.

I’ve heard so much about the Rosy Pink Moisture Dew from my friends and I loved the pinkness they add to my lips. I’m going to smack them on later.


Hey, I like the idea of a make-up eraser from StarSuki. Now you get to not only remove your make-up done wrongly but you can correct them with the make-up corrector stick which looks like an eyeliner pen. Yes, those are meant for correcting your accidental strokes from your eye liners and lip sticks. How convenient! No need to look for Q-tips now.


The Userism mask in a tube looks legit but too cute too be used. Now I can’t bear to use them. Can I have more tubes of these mask please?

Beauty-Keeper, a platform specially made for our valued customers Beauty-Keeper, a place where all people can pick their own beauty goods and trendy, stylish products. We know many others wish to get their hands on Taiwanese fashionable skincare, make- ups and beauty supplements, and Beauty-Keeper has finally made it happen.


Fret not if you didn’t manage to make a trip down to Waterway Point. Beauty Keeper will be holding their first Beauty Show, hosted by Hossan Leong. Do check out details here and grab your tickets before they run out! Each ticket is priced at $10. You get to bring home a beauty keeper goodie bag worth over $50, and  a pair of tickets for two to Taiwan and Bangkok awaits you at their grand lucky draw.


You get special appearance by SING! China, season 2 finalist from the Singapore selection too. Speaking of which, I managed to hear some of them sing at the SSSP event and they have such amazing voices! Can’t believe that some of them are only at their teens. I hope for the best for the winner to fly the Singapore flag high in China.


We were gifted some shopping vouchers and this Otter iphone7 case by one of the sponsors too. Look at the screen wipe that says “Always Use Protection”, I was quite amused with the caption. What a pity I don’t own an iphone 7 thou! These are really top quality stuff so do check them out.


Have you seen the new sparking fizzy drinks from Yeo’s?  There are 6 flavors from the Juscool’s delicious bubbly fruity drinks which consist of the passion fruit, yuzu, apple, orange, peach and grape flavors. I’ve finished my bottle of peach and they tasted really fizzy and fruity but I am glad to know they contain 25% less sugar and is awarded with the Healthier Choice logo.

They are perfect for making your own fruit cocktail blends too. I bet this will be popular amongst kids. Do support them and grab yourself a can and quench your thirst, soon.


Que Origin  Booth showcasing many of their top products! I’ve previously worked with them for their shower bath, and Jelly-Q products but haven’t heard from them for so long already. Didn’t realize that they had lip balms and potion lotion now. I love the Jelly-Q scrubs as they smell really nice. You can check out my reviews of some of their shower and bath products here and here too.


Booth featuring the limited edition SING! China Singapore finalist stamps along with the Judges and their signatures. Did you get a copy for yourself? These are hot selling and I bet they are already gone now as I type.


Sure Win Lucky Draw wheel spin, when you spend at least $50 at the booth. I hope you won something for yourself.


Wefie with Jessie! Photo credits to her 🙂

There were many other booths around but it was so crowded. Some booth owners were busy serving the public so we didn’t really stop to take photographs. Nevertheless  we were happy to be part of this event.

If you need snippets of the event check out my instagram entry here. There will be more reviews and highlights of what I’ve been up to, so do stick around.

Till then, Have a great evening.

Thank you to the various sponsors for the goodie bag and Samplestore for the event invites. All views expressed are my own.



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