Safari Zoo Run 2017 and 5 major animal distractions

Hey guys! It is finally the day of the Safari Zoo Run. My husband and I got up early and headed to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. As the race for the 5.5km family run starts at 8am. We timed ourselves to reach our destination at around 7.15am so that we could spend time to explore the race village and take some pictures at the entrance of the zoo before the race commence. You are recommended to reach the race village 1 hour before your flag off time.

Photo of us with the race bibs and race tees all ready for our first run of the year.


The first thing that we noticed at the race village which was set up at the car park was that the baggage area. It was relatively empty. The bags and queue was very well organized. Most of the runners have already checked in their bags.


There is even an option to take a shower at the Grohe mobile containers if you like. Don’t worry about privacy, as the ladies and gents had separate containers.


As it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the race, we picked up a cup of water each before we get ready to be flagged off. There were multiple hydration points around the race route and we were offered either water or a cup of cold isotonic drink choice, no lemon tea or sodas unfortunately, for obvious reasons.


There were standees of the various mascots around the race village and race routes to distract your attention. Taking a photo with the team you support will gain points for your team. Here’s a photograph of me with #teamahmeng .


At 8am sharp, we were flagged off all together. There were no delays and the flag off was smoothly executed. Kudos to the Hivelocity team.


Taking a shot with Ah Meng because I belong to Team Ah Meng!

There were 5 major animals of distraction along our race route which are the Zebra, White Tiger, Elephant, Lion and the Mandrill. They made us slow down to take pictures and have a good look at them. The other animals were less distracting with some at their hideouts and others having fun by themselves.


The winner of the distraction goes to the Mandrill as it had an amazing “opera” like face that attracted my attention for quite a long while.


Spotted an Ah Meng standee and we decided to slow down to take a photo. All this photos add points to the team which you are supporting on race day when you post them on instagram with the #teamahmeng hashtag.

Yes, almost 80% of orangutan habitats are lost to deforestation in the last 2o years. Do you know that?


At the 4km mile! One of the road marshals kindly offered to take a photograph for us, so why not?


We managed to finish the race by taking a brisk walk throughout and it took us about an hour to complete the route with major stops to admire and take photographs of the zoo animals and standees.


As we had free entrance to the Singapore Zoological Gardens and River Safari, we decided to spend the afternoon continuing our adventures. Other than catching some of the animal shows, we went around to take more photographs.



The best part of the River Safari experience was none other than seeing Jiajia and Kaikai for the first time.


Overall, we had a very pleasant and fun experience exploring these 2 places and participating for our first Zoo Run. We would love to be back for the race again next year and perhaps even make it a yearly event where we both could count down together, and look forward to.

Share with me in the comments how was your experience if you were there too. Watch out for the upcoming races and hope to see all of you in the 2018 Singapore Safari race.


Disclaimer: We were invited for the run by Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Hivelocity. All expressed thoughts and experience are truthful.




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