2017 New Year Resolution


Good Bye 2016…

2016 is going to be over soon. The footsteps of Christmas is gone and soon after, Chinese New Year will follow. What you have accomplished this year, would soon become history. We all know that life ahead will only get tougher and not any easier. Being a business owner myself, I do witness the number of appointments declining towards the end of the year and competition becoming stiffer and business gets harder than before.

Some months ago, I tried to return to the workforce. I did find myself struggling, because I have not been employed for a few years by now. I was willing to try, to change my expectation and look at jobs that I had previously said no done before. I was also willing to take on lower positions and accept a pay cut. But, it all didn’t quite work out for me. Some interviews turned out to be a total mockery as employers scrutinize me and told me what I was worth was much lesser than what I actually think I am worth.

In the current workforce, it is no longer you, whom is calling the shots, but employers are choosing you instead. You are judged from head to toe, from the way you dress yourself, to the way you talk, to the qualifications you own, to your family members and your job experience. Every small detail now matters.

Time and again it makes me wonder, why are we constantly asked to find an iron rice bowl, to look for good jobs, to get a good qualification so that in future we can have a good life. Does being employed really ensure your stability in life?  Rather than to be employment creators ourselves?

Why aren’t children taught entrepreneurship from young and encouraged to do well in school so that in future they can help the economy by having their own start-ups, and being able to do what they love rather than forced to be in a trade because of the income it brings?  Teach children to dare the risk and venture out of their comfort zones.

Why do we allow employers to constantly judge us, and determine how much we are worth? Who are they do determine our value? Who are they to determine what we are capable of doing? Just because they are our pay masters? So we should be their slave? So we can be made redundant as and when they feel that we are no longer required? Make your absence felt people, not your presence.

(1) I don’t know what 2017 holds for me and if I can be re-employed again. I am prepared to stay like this forever, and take on short-term stints if need be. At the least, I am still earning a small amount of money from my business, which allows me to pay off my monthly debts. If there’s any reason I’m returning back to work for others, it is such that my income is more stable, and I get to contribute my part and let my family’s life be a little better and easier than now.

That is only work. So, What about life? What about relationships? Your parents will not be with you forever. Same goes to your partner, your family, your friends and even your children. One day, they will all leave you. Spend time to love and care for them. Drop your mobile phones, take beautiful photographs, go traveling. Communicate more with your loved ones. Learn to listen, not with the intend to reply but to understand.

(2) Next year, I hope to spend more time with my friends and family. To travel to new places and to be a better communicator.


Nothing last forever. Start thinking about your health if you haven’t. Start taking supplements, go for health check-ups and exercise regularly. Keep yourself alive by keeping your brains active.

(3) I have started to engage myself with runs, so that I can start keeping myself active. I will be going for the Safari Zoo Run. Have you signed up yet? This is somewhere you can start. Aligning with my 2nd resolution, I will be spending time during and after the run with my friends and family, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.


Lastly, I would like to express my huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who supported me and my blog this year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity in each and every way possible. Giving me ample advise and supporting me when I was depressed.

Thank you for tolerating me even during my blog migration, my down times and times of uncertainty . This year I have made several breakthroughs in my blogging history, doing things I’ve never done before, taking photographs with celebrities, gaining new ambassadorships, new sponsorship and forging new relationships, giving myself the courage and confidence which I never thought I had all these while. I am proud to be different and I will stand out of my comfort zone to get what is out there waiting for me. I hope you will continue to support me. Next year I really hope I will be able to do more and make myself more prominent in the blogging industry.

(4) I hope to be available to more brands and PRs, to receive more opportunities next year and engage with my readers more. Don’t feel shy, do leave me a message or email if you wish to collaborate or to feedback on what you had been reading on my blog. I have started talking to people and engaging myself with different projects so do approach me if you have something planned for us.

You can contact me at pearlywerkz@outlook.com , drop me a PM on facebook and find me on instagram too.

Till then, i hope I will be a better person next year and to be able to hold up to your expectations.

5 Things you need to know about Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is here again! Many Chinese, learn that we gather to eat the glutinous rice balls for this festival but few knows the reason why. For my husband, any festival which he gets to eat something, makes him happy so he wouldn’t probe further.

If you wikipedia “Winter Solstice” you will get an article that tells you this is the shortest day and longest night which you will experience in the year, along with some significance that it is time for the animals to mate, time to harvest the crops and the awakening of the nature.

If all that sounds weird and uninteresting to you, then let me share with you the significance of it in a Chinese’s context based on what I had learn growing up from a traditional family, as well as what I had gathered from Baidu. So the next time someone ask you, you can answer them easily. So, here I present to you,

5 things you need to know about Winter Solstice:

  1. During Winter Solstice “冬至”. The Chinese gathers to make glutinous rice balls known as “汤圆” to worship our ancestors and gods before they sit together to enjoy the dessert as a family.This is made by mixing glutinous rice flour with water, molding them into balls and boiling them in a sweet (black sugar + Pandan leaf + Ginger) or savory (Peanut) soup. The traditional types comes with pink and white balls.

  2. The roundness in the glutinous rice balls represents reunion, fullness for a family “团圆”“圆满”. This is often why they come in a round shape rather than fanciful shapes. We are often told to make this balls with both hands, to signify our sincerity to the gods.However, with the modernized times, the glutinous rice balls now comes in various cute animal shapes, a rainbow of colours and even in different sizes. This is one way to entice the new generations to continue the traditional as well as for kids to enjoy this treat. Many also choose to purchase ready made glutinous rice balls instead of making it by themselves due to their busy schedules.

  3. As the Chinese believes in auspiciousness and that good things come in pairs, we often make an even number of glutinous rice balls.

  4. Winter Solstice often signify the start of the next Chinese Lunar year, therefore the family must eat the glutinous balls together as a sign of reunion and that the family will be together for the next year to come.

  5. Since it signifies the beginning of a new Chinese Lunar year, finishing the dessert means that we have all grown a year older after the dessert.

You may wish to refer to the original article in traditional Chinese for more information on this festival, I have broken them down into different parts for easy reading.


  1. 吃汤圆是冬至的传统习俗,在江南尤为盛行。“汤圆”是冬至必备的食品,是一种用糯米粉制成的圆形甜品,“圆”意味着“团圆”“圆满”,冬至吃汤圆又叫“冬至团”。民间有“吃了汤圆大一岁”之说。冬至团可以用来祭祖,也可用于互赠亲朋。旧时上海人最讲究吃汤团。古人有诗云:“家家捣米做汤圆,知是明朝冬至天。”。“圆”意味着“团圆”“圆满”。冬至吃汤圆,象征家庭和谐、吉祥.
  2. 还有一种解释是:冬至是一年中最长的一夜,冬至那天,天还未亮,妇女们就起来生火煮汤圆,先敬天祭祖,再全家围坐吃汤圆。所以冬至吃汤圆,除了表示太阳(阳光)逐渐回来,也代表团圆的意思,现代人更喜欢把它当成圆满的象征。
  3. 我国各地的风俗民情虽各有差别,但大致是相同的。作冬至圆时,经常应孩子们的要求捏一些小动物,小猫、小狗、小兔子、小老虎等等。孩子们每到此时都很高兴。吃冬至圆以前,在门窗桌柜床灯的后面,都要分别粘一个冬至圆,称为“耗晌”,要等到“送灶”以后才能烤食。如果这时家里有孕妇的话,冬至圆发了,就会生男,否则就会生女。
  4. 吃冬至圆时入口必须成双成对,以求吉利。吃到最后只剩两粒,已婚的人将会万事如意,剩下一颗,单身未婚者将会凡事顺利。
  5. 史料显示,上古的夏殷周时代,对“正月”的具体时间安排是不一样的。夏以今农历一月为正月,第一个节气是立春;殷以今农历十二月为正月,一年中的第一个节气为小寒;周则同样以今农历十二月为正月,但一年中的第一个节日却是从冬至开始,因此冬至这一天,也就是当年的“元旦”。 周以后,计算二十四节气,都从冬至开始,这样冬至便成了“岁首”。再者冬至所在的十一月份曾经是“正月”。这也就是“冬至大如年”一说的来头。有学者认为,正是由于历史上确有一段时间把“冬至”视为“岁首”,把冬至的前一天之夜视为“岁除”。当冬至节随着历史的发展而呈式微之态时,原来那些习俗,便渐渐融入了后来盛行的“春节”之中了。
  6. 冬至具备“阳气始至”的特殊特点,意味着“阳气始生”,万物开始萌动。因此,在冬至日吃汤圆,又何尝不是意味着新一年的开始呢?因此长了一岁,似乎也在情理之中了。Credits: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/126631136.html

I hope that you had a good read of this simple piece that I had put together for you. Now that you have learn more about the festival, do share this article with your friends and family. Enjoy your bowl of glutinous rice balls knowing its significance and pass on the Chinese tradition.

Do share with me your thoughts in the comment box. Do you celebrate this festival?

P/s: This article is non-sponsored, however, you can send me some glutinous rice ball if you wish. Do follow pearlywerkz on facebook and instagram for more good reads.


Instant Calm Facial at Glomax Aesthetics

Its almost a year and a half since my previous facial at Glomax Aesthetics . Previously, i did a hydrabrasion facial with them, if you like you can read about my experience then.

This time round I was invited back to this SOHO unit for an Instant Calm Facial, which is suitable for my skin. Since my eczema face was still giving me problems, I had to remind myself and the beautician to avoid facials and scrubs that are too harsh for my skin.

It is always a good habit to check with the facial salons what they will be doing on your skin regardless or not you are paying for the facial as you won’t want to risk a breakout later.


GLOMAX Aesthetics -The Face Artistry
Is nestled six floors above Singapore’s famous riverside Clarke Quay next to The Central. We are everything a minimalist soho spa stands for: expertise, customization, modernity and privacy. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best.

Expect a superlative collection of ultimate face and body treatments boosted with award-winning aesthetics machines and celebrity skincare products. Our treatments are specially crafted for instantaneous results and meticulously executed by a team of highly-trained beauty masters.

A SOHO style beauty salon in city focus on Result Oriented Facial.


GLOMAX Aesthetics -The Face Artistry is a winner of multiple awards:

Best Eye Tx Award (Illuminating) 2016
Best Eye Tx- Dark Circles Award 2015
Pre Party Facial Award 2014
Best Non-Invasive Tx Award 2013

Best Anti Acne Facial Award 2014

Best Sensitive Skin Tx Award 2013

Beauty Awards 2011
Favourite Face Therapy (Eye Lifting)
100 Most Loved Beauty Professional (Ms. Evon Low]


I am surprised to learn that they now have a corner for hair treatments.

About Instant Calm Facial (60 minutes)

-Your face will be first cleansed and your make-up will be removed. This is typical to any facials.


Can you see the metal tool beside me? At this point one side of my face had already been cleansed (removed of obvious white heads)

The beautician then proceeds with pimple extraction using a metal tool. The obvious white heads on the surface of your face are removed using this tool so that it will be less painful during the extraction. This tool is so cool.

I was told by my beautician Stephie, that this tool comes in really handy for people who are afraid of the painful extraction process. I was quite disgusted when she showed me my whiteheads but at the same time pleased to know that they were all removed. I can’t remember when I had a facial with pimple extraction already. Perhaps more than 2 months ago?

The pimple extraction that followed after this extraction tool was used, was quite painful because there were many stubborn pimples that was deep in my skin. She did warn me before hand but what to do, I prefer my skin to be clean.

Stephie then proceed with eyebrow trimming and shaping. She was very nice to check with me if I preferred my brows thick or thin and that she would balance them out so when it grows, it will appear nicely.


Pardon my very chui face please…  did you notice the glow on my face?

Calming ampoules were applied on my skin and she was very careful not to “touch my eczema areas”. She then followed through by applying a soothing mask sheet on my face, and ended the facial with a shoulder massage while I had the mask on my face.

This facial is suitable for people with sensitive skin like me to calm the redness and improves your skin complexion.


The facial room is really small and is shared with 2 other persons separated by curtains so that they can serve more customers at a time but you will still get he privacy you require so no worries for that.


Overall, I am satisfied with the facial experience except for the pimple extraction which was quite painful as there were some really deep whiteheads and somehow I wished that I can be put in a bigger room. I also wished that the massage was longer…. (wishful thinking I know).


Its only about 1 week+ post facial with minimal make-up on, taken at the end of the day after a movie date. It was about 11pm and I think 3/4 of my make-up was already gone. My skin is looking so much healthier. I am so so so glad, that the 2 major pimple extractions had since subsided and my skin is no longer looking flaky now thanks to this timely instant calm facial. My skin had since calm down and I am glad I can now go out confidently again. Good bye nasty pimples and ugly skin.

Before you go, here is a reader’s promotion for you:

Pay only $88 (up $158) when you quote “Pearlywerkz” when making an appointment for your instant calm facial.


Make an appointment and try out their facials for yourself today.

Whatsapp: 9459 0795

12 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Soho2
#06-168 Singapore 059819




Thank you Glomax Aesthetics – The Face Artistry for inviting me back for a sponsored facial. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

Event Invite: Merry Sweet Christmas with Sophisca

Its the time of the year again! In a few more weeks, we shall be ushering Christmas. We will feast on roast turkey, bacon, toast, dine to our heart’s content, and officially chill till the end of the year. For those of you whom are looking for presents for your colleagues, for kids and Christmas parties,  you should pop by Sophisca and find check out some of their novelty items and bring the Christmas “feel” back home.

You can read about my previous experience with them here and here.



From 5th December 2016 to 26 December 2016, pop by Marina Square Christmas Atrium or Sophisca store at #02-32, spend $60 to stand a chance to win a treat “plucked” out from Sophisca’s tree and a $10 voucher.

DBS/POSB Cardmembers can also enjoy a 10% discount off regular items at all their outlets, while NTU Alumini are entitled to 15% discount (min $5 spend) at Sophisca Marina Square.

I will be showing you some of their in-stores Christmas gifts, so do take this chance to virtually select something you like, then pop by their stores and grab them. It is still early so there should be plenty of stocks but hurry because they are so cute, we can’t assure you that they’ll last till Christmas.

Christmas Gift Box $4.90


Christmas Chocolate Boots (Transparent) $6.90


Christmas Lunchbox Set (Assorted Design) $15.90 each

You can pack little snacks in these for the children or let them use it as their lunchboxes even after Christmas.


Christmas Reindeer Red Bag & Snow-Lambs Bag (Green) $11.90 each

Christmas Piggy-bank (Snowman, Santa, Reindeer) $8.30 each

These are so cool because the characters are cute and you can keep them to place your novelty items, coins or stuff. I love things that I can recycle and not have to throw them away.

There are other novelty Christmas gifts ranging from as low as $2 onward, so please do check them  out in stores. Being Santa does not require you to break your piggy bank.

By the way, we heard that they will be officially launching these rice pops next year. They taste pretty good and flavourful, so buy some for your friends and family, I am quite sure they will like it.


Finally, if there’s just one thing which you would like to get for me this Christmas, it has to be the Lipstick Chocolate that comes in 6 assorted colours. We just can’t take our eyes of them. I wouldn’t be sure if I would eat them as they looked too real and are too precious to be bitten off.



Photo credit to Jasmine & Shu qing

I had my caricature drawn at the event and we had the group posing for lipstick photos to end the day.


Thank you for the lovely bag of sweets and having us  at Sophisca once again.

Sophisca @ Marina Square:
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-32 Marina Square

Facebook: Sophisca Singapore

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend Sophisca’s Store at Marina Square Shopping Mall. Review is honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.


Spicy Thai Thai Cafe introduces new Thai Style Dishes

You probably have heard me rave about the food from Spicy Thai Thai Cafe on my previous blog entry. I have been recommending this place to my friends ever since. People staying within the Aljunid area is so lucky because there are so many good food. Looks like I’ve really gotta explore this area more.


This time round back at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe , I am being re-invited back to try their new Thai Style Dishes, this is so timely to cure my Thai food cravings. I haven’t eaten any good Thai food for quite some time already.


Kaeng Som Cha Om

Kaeng Som Cha Om 泰式野菜煎蛋辣汤 $18

Friends who knows me well knows that other than Japanese food, my next favourite  choice will always be Thai food. I am a big fan of tom yam soup. This Kaeng Som Cha Om is a Thai styled tom yam soup. I love the spicy sour flavor accompanied with fried egg with dill in the soup which came as a surprise. It almost felt like eating a pot of hot fish soup with fried eggs in them.


Thai Sambal Sea Bass

Thai Sambal Sea Bass 泰式阿毵鲈鱼 is charged by a Seasonal Price

This deep fried sambal sea bass is the table’s favourite as everyone kept reaching for more. Don’t be misled by the amount of sambal (chill paste) that is on the fish. It is not as spicy as you think it is. I simply love the crispy texture of the fish and believe me, I can finish the fish all alone. Think about barbecue fish, this is similar to it.


Thai Fried Chilli Fish Head

Thai Fried Chilli Fish Head 泰式炒辣椒鱼头 $28

I love fish head but it is difficult to find fried fish head on a dish by itself other than fish head steamboat . This was my favourite dish of the night. Be warned thou cause this fried fish can be too spicy for some people. I love its crispness and spiciness so for me it was the deal. Can I have some more please?

Other than the above new Thai dishes, one can also find Thai-chinese dishes within the cafe.


Cold Tofu with Special Thai Seafood Sauce

Cold Tofu with Special Thai Seafood Sauce 泰式海鲜酱汁冷豆腐 $15

This is ordinary steam tofu made not ordinary because of the special thai seafood sauce. Those who wants something simpler to go with their rice can give this dish a try. Who knows tofu can taste so flavorful when coupled with the right sauce?


Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops

Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops  干贝炒西兰花 $20

For every kid that dislike vegetable, somehow they would enjoy Broccoli. I am not sure if it is the same as yours. Do however, give this Broccoli with Scallops a try as the scallops are so yummy that I just wanna keep popping them into my mouth.


Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce

Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce 泰式鱼卤炒包菜 $10

The cabbage tasted so sweet by itself. If you are a fan of cabbage you would know that typically the stems of cabbage are so tough. This however is not as tough as the ordinary ones as they originates from Beijing. The simple Thai sweet fish sauce did however bring out the sweetness in the cabbage. You should really try this for yourself.


Jade Noodles

Jade Noodles 泰式翡翠面 $6 (shown above is for 3 pax)

The jade noodles reminds me of the morning breakfast fried noodles that we have. The colour is a little frightening but it is tasty on its own and has a nice chewy texture to it. Those who do not wish to order rice can opt for the jade noodles. Let’s not forget about the charsiew slices that comes it it. They are so good on their own too.


Other than those, who also had Lala (Clams) Behoon , BBQ Pork Belly and Deep Fried Kang Kong with special sauce. You can read my previous blog review on this if you wish to know my thoughts on them.


Photo Credits: Shuqing

Last but not least, a photo with the girl gang. Thanks for the chat and catch-up, appreciate it always.

Thank you Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe for extending the food invitation and having us.

Spicy Thai- Thai Cafe:
Blk 115 Aljunid Ave 2. #01-35,
Singapore 380115

Disclaimer: This food review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited back to a food tasting at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe.