LuLu the Movie Press Conference and Movie Gala Premiere

On the 21 Nov 2016, the Asus Mobile SG Ambassadors (Zennies) were invited to LuLu the Movie Press Conference at Park Alexandra Hotel. It was a rare opportunity for the Zennies (Asus SG Mobile Ambassadors) to gather so we took this time to catch up and at the same time find out more about Lulu the movie.

Before I digress further, let us take a look at some of the photos and the press highlights which we had gathered during the press conference especially for you.

At the entrance and the stage area, before the commencement of the press conference. I love how they put the leopard prints onto the Lulu balloon.

Selfie with Lulu balloon sculpture and Kiyoko. We just met a few days back at another event. It’s such a small world isn’t it?


Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef, pizza and chips, salsa and sour cream dips


Drinks and tea corner

Delicious food was also served so we helped ourselves with some of those before the press conference begin. The Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef is the bomb even though you all know I am NOT a beef person! Kiyoko put the whole thing into her mouth in just a single shot. WOW!


Photo Credits to Lyn. Photo taken with Lyn’s camera. Front: Me, Kiyo, Lyn. Back: Jon, Bobby


Photo Credits to Jon. Front: Me, Kiyo, Lyn, Jon. Back: Bobby

This is what Zennies do before a press conference. We take plenty of selfies.


Pornsak was the first to be welcomed to the stage, he appeared as RuRu, Lulu’s good sister, and he was the host of the day. He mentioned that Lulu asked her over to find a new boyfriend, hence you can imagine at most of the cast who are appearing next are all guys!

I think he was rather hilarious in the costume but daring as well. That is what differentiates him with the rest of the host. He can also speak multiple languages and has a keen interest in learning new things. He is such a talented man, and someone I look up to.


The Lulu and RuRu face off! They are showing off their costumes and Lulu joked that Ruru’s costume were from Lee Teng’s shop.


Michelle  Chong reminded Pornsak to follow the script


Tay Ke Wei singing 天天想你

There were also sharing from the guys, about how they felt when they were onset filming with Michelle Chong, there were only positive feedbacks, with laughter most of the times and they had so much fun filming. In general, her style of filming is very westernized, with straightforward humor, fun, and it was a brilliant experience for the cast.

Chen Tian Wen when interviewed mentioned that Michelle’s filming was more westernized. Like his character Brad Pit in the movie, he met his wife online too.

Glenn, enjoyed the process, found Michelle to be amazing, toggling different roles as an actor and as a director, being highly involved in the show. He loved his playboy character and had fun while filming it.

The Flying Dutch Man, on the other hand proclaimed that he dislike wearing his wig but loved his role in the movie where he learned the accent through watching videos of how the French speaks. He also loved the way he was dressed up for his character.


Tay Ke Wei also sang  天天想你 at the press conference. She was touching, sincere and her voice was amazing.

Pornsak share that, Michelle Chong is such an amazing person, so strong and independent. Its not easy being a director, but she did it, she made it out on his own. Its similar to Lulu’s attitude of not giving up, being true to herself and living a life based on her own terms. This part touched the audience and led Michelle Chong into tears.


The cast with Lulu’s signature armpit pose

The press conference ended with a group photograph taken with Lulu’s signature armpit pose.

For more information and juicy bits from the full press conference, you may like to watch the press conference on my facebook wall. I did a Facebook Live recording, so do enjoy!

My fellow Zennie Bob (IGWebsite) also made a video about the Press Conference and some highlights so do check them out.


Asus Mobile SG Ambassadors with Michelle Chong. Photo Credits to Lyn. Photo taken by her camera.


Asus Mobile SG Ambassadors Lyn, Pearly (Thats me), Jon, Kiyo, Bobby. Photo credits to Jon. Photo taken by Jon’s camera.


Our funky pose. Lyn, Pearly, Jon, Kiyo, Bobby. Photo credits to Jon. Photo taken by Jon’s camera.

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Special thanks and shout out to Asus & Huatt Flims for having us. Don’t forget to catch Lulu the movie premiering on the 24 November 2016 in the respective cinemas.

Do also follow LuLu the Movie on facebook, instagram and check out the movie preview here.


Movie Gala Premier


Lulu the movie official poster from Lulu the movie Facebook page

Lulu the movie

Directed and Screen play by : Michelle Chong

Main Cast: Michelle Chong (Lulu), Leon Jay Williams (Leon), and Chen Tian Wen (Bradd Pit)
Movie Synopsis

LuLu the Movie is a comedy about a determined Chinese lady named Lulu who comes to Singapore to meet her online lover, but after being disappointed by what he turns out to be, she decided to make it her own and succeeds in becoming an international fashion icon and mogul.

The movie opens with Lulu arriving in Singapore from her hometown in China, looking for her true love that she met on social media. However, the dream lover turns out to be the complete opposite of what she imagines him to be. Not wanting to lose face to her friends back in China, she decides to stay in Singapore and make something of herself.

[My Thoughts: I like how the movie opened and showcased certain places of interest in Singapore in the initial stages when Lulu came over to Singapore.]

We follow her adventures of job-hopping, learning English and being discovered by the TV station. Lulu gets the opportunity to front an English fashion program despite having unique fashion sense and even more unique command of English. She refuse to conform to normal standards of what a fashion host is supposed to dress or sound like but audiences love her unconventional way of hosting and her show becomes top-rated, even garnering international attention. Her real adventures begin as she embarks on her journey around the world (From London to Shanghai) as a bona fide fashionista. Throughout her journey, although she meets with mockery, discrimination and tough times, Lulu refuses to give up or compromise. A strong message that comes across in the movie is that one can achieve success by staying true to oneself and living life on one’s own terms.

[My Thoughts:
It is interesting how the character evolved itself in the story from a nobody that is being mocked by her PRC english, quirky KTV dance moves, greediness and weird sense of fashion to somebody that is rich, owning what she wants and being famous in her own way and fashion sense. It also highlights how one can be made famous as long as she is determined and have her own goals and is given the right opportunity, yet retaining his/her own uniqueness.

Do watch out for interesting “live- filming segments with street interviews in the 2 fashion hot spots”, “typical and hilarious conversations during match-making sessions” as well as a surprise international guest within the movie.]


Flowers from ASUS 🙂


Mag, Kiyo, Jon, Val, Me, Lyn and Bob in Leopard prints and bling at the Movie Premier


Lulu the Movie, posters are everywhere


Meet and greet with Michelle Chong, Chen Tian Wen, hosted by Lee Teng before the movie commences

Michelle Chong even stayed to watch the move with us along with so many other celebrities!


Sneak shot of celebrities at the photo area after the movie premier

Managed to take a last shot of some celebrities but it was a real pity I couldn’t find the rest of the Zennies to have a last group photo with Michelle Chong.

In conclusion, please go watch the movie and have a good laugh. It is indeed hilarious with some twist of plots and funny scenes.

For more information of LuLu the movie, you can read more at:

Lulu the movie Website  
Lulu the movie Facebook
Lulu the movie Instagram 

This post is brought to you by ASUS ZENFONE 3. All pictures and videos are taken with ZenFone3 unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer: All views stated are my own. Thanks for having us.




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