Genting Dream by Dream Cruises – Where Dreams Set Sail on The first-ever Asian Luxury Cruise Line

Genting Dream by Dream Cruises, the largest and most spacious cruise ship in Asia, with 18-deck which can accommodate 3,400 guest accompanied by 2,000 crew members, has landed in the shores of Singapore.


The first ship of the fleet began her epic ocean voyage from Germany to Gibraltar, through the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal and finally across the Indian Ocean to Mumbai. She is now bound for her dual home port of Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Nansha), to prepare for her official maiden voyage on 13 November 2o16. If you are thinking Singapore, there are serious plans to make Singapore one of their home ports but no… just not yet.

4.jpgI had the privilege to be invited for the launch ceremony of Genting Dream and experience a short tour around the magnificent cruise ship and bring you some of the highlights of the day.

First, lets not neglect the celebrities whom are here to grace the launch. Here’s me with Ah Jie!
3I am so happy to be able to take photographs with celebrities like Zoe Tay and Elvin Ng! There were so many people wanting to take photographs with them and I was so shy to ask.

Zoe Tay and Elvin Ng were there to grace the launch. Love the hot red outfit which was simple yet formal and sexy with a droopy neckline.

789The exterior of the luxury dream cruise and their safety boats. Such a beautiful vessel all new and fresh ready for its first maiden sail.

Several VIPs were there together with Minister of Trade and Industry Mr S Iswaran, to  celebrate the launch and toast to the successful launch of the cruise line.

The stage performance were the highlight of the whole trip as there were stunning rope plays and balancing acts with dance performance. It was a testament of fabulous teamwork and trust.

dsc_0191After the performance, we were split into groups where we we led around the cruise.

This life-sized 3D statue of the famed Johnnie Walker striding man has been customised for the Genting Dream to commemorate the partnership between Dream Cruises and Johnie Walker House. He does resembles the late MJ in some ways too.

Cozy area at Bubbles where guest can have a drink and chill the day away.

Plenty of art pieces are spotted because Dream Cruises plans to differentiate themselves with their art, finishes, great service through teaching their staff about the attitude and spirit of service. With their 23 years of experience in the market place, it is no wonder they would know their target market well.

Zouk Indoor dance club where you can party all night long.

4 lane Glow in the dark bowling alley, its quite amazing how they can have a bowling alley on board a cruise.

Guest can enjoy music programming, live guest artiste and DJ performances and signature drinks menu at the Zouk experience area. This is the first time you will find a Zouk experience at sea,what a brilliant idea and excellent place for partying.

Spotted a Mermaid suntanning at the Zouk party deck area together with her friend on the other side.

Mini-golf 9 hole putting course for the family to enjoy some great times together.

Rock climbing experience suitable for more family fun and the more adventurous ones.

Water-slide park for both adults and kids which promises excitement and adrenaline rush.

Totally love this area where i can so totally chill the day away, this is so… my kind of holiday. Too bad I am not here for one…

dsc_0272dsc_0282Swim, soak in the Jacuzzi or relax your day away at the pool area which is easily one of my favourite pastime during my kind of holidays.

Stateroom with balcony. The bed looks cozy enough for me to want to fall asleep on it just by looking at this photograph. I am not too sure about you.


Lastly we were hosted to a very nice and delectable luncheon at the Silk Road Restaurant on-board the cruise where I got to catch up with my friend and share with her the thoughts I had on the cruise.

There are so many different types of entertainment, fun and relaxation places so its a pity we didn’t had the opportunity to sail on it and make use of the amenities. It was nevertheless an eye-opener and a great experience. This is probably one of the best media invitation this year.


If you are interested in going on any of the dream cruises, do contact your local travel agency and enquire with them today. Genting Dream’s maiden voyage will be on 13 November 2016. There is currently no home port in Singapore, so you’ll have to fly over to either Hong Kong or Guangzhou and do a fly-cruise.

Disclaimer: Thank you for WOM PR and Genting Dream Cruises for this lovely invitation to tour the lovely vessel. I do hope and look forward to an opportunity to set sail on this cruise with you soon.

Ps: All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.


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