3 Misconceptions you may have on VANS

Have you heard the news that VANS is collaborating with Disney Pixar Toy Story for their new collection? OMG!  *Screams* I can’t wait to see the actual product as I am a Disney fan, although not necessarily a Toy Story fan.


VANS celebrates their 50th year anniversary this year, in 2016.  They will be having an Asia tour, making rounds to Bangkok, Ho Chin Minh City, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Wuhan.

Back to the 3 misconceptions which you may have heard about the brand “VANS”.

1. VANS carries product only for guys.

Do you often feel that way? As you walk pass the casual wear sneaker store you would take a quick peak and quickly detour the shop as you feel that there is simply nothing for you if you are a lady. Well, Vans do carry ladies sneakers, backpack and even children apparels and sneakers at some places. There are even unisex sneakers available, #couplegoals unlocked. Go on and be decked with the same one with your man.


2. VANS only carries casual wear sneakers and nothing else.

Wrong again. Other than sneakers, you can find a variety of caps and backpacks that are available for your purchase, you can even find tee-shirts made by Vans in case you don’t already know. They are well-known for their sneakers but that doesn’t mean they only carry sneakers.


3. VANS is a very expensive brand, there is nothing I can get under $80.

Vans do have their promotion from time to time, you can check out the online portals that carry their brand so this misconception is debunked as well, you don’t necessary have to break your piggy man to own a piece of this famous brand. For $40 you can get a decent pair of sneakers or a cap and add them to your collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I hope I had debunked all your VANS myth, at least for the most commonly perceived ones. I hope you have now found one more brand to shop for, if you haven’t added any VANS pieces on your fashion collection list.

If you have more to add to the list, please feel free to comment and I will be happy to add on to this list.

All photo credit goes to Zalora Singapore website/ VANS Singapore website.


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