EHA V Signature Facial

Oh gosh, I realised that I haven’t been to any facial since the past 2 months. This is how fast time flies. Don’t be like me okay? You girls should pamper yourselves more and maintain a regular facial regime. At least I made it a point to take my beauty drinks promptly.

So I decided to make an appointment with EHA Clinic. Based on my records, the last time which I had visited them was in 2014. The beauticians were struggling to find my records because of that.


After looking at my records, they decided to let me try the EHA V Signature Facial, which sounds as if they were gonna give me a “V face facial.” But no, this is not a V face facial, the beautician mentioned that I don’t need one. (Which I feel i do need!)

The V Signature facial consist of a skin peel to remove dead skin cells on my face and light treatment to lighten pigmentation and to encourage skin healing so that my face will appear fairer and brighter.


After settling me down, the beautician made use of a gentle make-up remover to remove the make-up on my face. She repeatedly showed me how clean it is to be able to just use the micellar water as a make-up remover, after several wipes all my foundation was removed. The facial cotton turns out to be clean after the 2nd wipe down. She then made use of a gentle cream suitable for eczema skin to perform a neck and face massage for me instead of using the regular facial oils.

Pimple extractions are not included in this facial because fruit enzymes peel are used in this facial, hence they do not wish to risk aggravating the skin further with this step.

Cold steam was used on my face before the beautician applied the fruit enzyme peels. The peels got prickly at my cheeks area where my eczema was prominent but she was very attentive to clean them away so that I feel more comfortable.


Usually there would be 2 types of peeling used but in the case of my face, only the fruit enzyme peel was applied.


Red lights were then flashed on my face for the lightening of my pigmentation for about 20 minutes. During this time, i was told not to open my eyes and not to meddle with my phone. This explains why I had forgotten to get the beautician to take some photos for me.

Anyways, different coloured lights have different uses, they can be used for lightening of pigmentation to curing of acne, promoting healing of your skin’s open wounds and even for tanning. Depending on your skin conditions, you’ll be getting a different light treatment.


I enjoyed the good facial service and chat with my beautician. I was very delighted that after the facial I did not experience any face itch, nor see any rashes appearing especially at my cheeks.

That’s me glowing with confidence after a few days from my facial. Go ahead and enquire about this facial at EHA and try it for yourself today.

EHA Clinc is located at:

1 Scotts Road,
Shaw Centre,
228208 Singapore

Tel. (+65) 6235 3325

Disclaimer: Thank you for EHA and Kristen for bringing me back to try out your EHA V Signature Facial.


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