Review of Seatree beauty products from Korea

Seatree Art Collagen Jelly Cleansing Foam, Steam essense mask sheet, snail mask sheet and Steam hand butter cream (Pineapple Mango)

Seatree has made its way to Singapore’s shores. Harnessing only the freshest raw ingredients from Mother Nature, they have incorporated them into their wide range of product types.

As you can tell from the cute flying pigs, sleeping whale, beautiful floral and snail on the canister of my new Steam Hand Butter Cream, these are hand drawn by talented artists, designers, models and painters. ( Hey, How did they knew I was a fan of shea butter?)

Their success also derives from their adoption of “Steam Emulsification Technique” in some of their best selling products. Using extremely high temperature of steam during the manufacturing process to produce an emulsion. This technique is used to harness the nutrients and maximize their benefits when it is incorporated into their end products.

The Collagen Jelly Cleansing foam $10.90/150ml is an effective and non-stripping facial foam with a unique jelly texture to deliver a refreshing wash. Enhanced with Marine Collagen from the deep sea, the benefits includes hydration, antioxidant, skin repair and anti-aging properties.

Product ingredients includes Sodium Hyaluronate for moisture boosting, green tea water, aloe vera, floral and botanical extracts to sooth and strengthen your skin cells.

I love how easily it can be lathered with water to produce soap suds can removes the dirt from my face without being too harsh. The cleansing gel also has a gentle floral fragrance which lingers on after washing and it is not over powering.

Look and my sparkly clean face after the face wash.

Theย  Seatree Art Steam Hand Butter Cream (Pineapple Mango), $12.90/35g is a nutritional hand butter cream intended for people with dry and rough hands. This steam cream is made by harnessing the nutrients from the Botanical Butters (Mango and Shea Butter) using the “steam emulsification technique”, so that the moisturizing effect can be fully maximized.

Look at the beautiful art and texture of the lovely steam hand cream. I would love to bring this canister of cream with me wherever I go as it is so convenient to slip it into my make-up pouch.

This cream leaves my hands moisturized, moist and so soft to touch. It doesn’t feel sticky although it is thick and rich. I love the light mango scent of the cream that lingers on.

Steam essence mask sheet and snail 100 mask sheet $2/20ml each

I used to review plenty of face mask during my initial blogging days. These days I am so afraid that my skin may flare up with the wrong type of mask being applied. I always urge my readers to perform a patch test near your cheek areas before you proceed.



The steam essence mask sheet contains Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate to keep your skin moist and smooth. It balances your skin oil and moisture level in order to promote the glossiness and forms a protective film to maintain your healthy state of skin. This mask is so mild and gentle that it is suitable for everyday use.

The steam essence mask is a single moist sheet mask sheet which did not come with any protective plastic.

I put on the mask for about 20 minutes and see my face become moist and brighter. You can pat in the remaining essence left over from the mask into your face. No rinsing off is required.

The following day, I observed that my pimples on my cheeks subsided quite a fare bit and my face felt smooth and brighter. I like the milky texture of the mask. Results are quite pleasant so I think you should try it too!


The snail mask on the other hand, is a reparative mask which contains 100mg of pure snail Secretion Filtrate, which provides your skin with moisture and nutrients, allowing it to be strengthened against external stress and damages.

I shall try it and give you the verdict on another day on my instagram. Follow me on my instagram account @pearlywerkz if you wish to see my thoughts on this mask.

All Seatree products can be purchased at SaSa stores, BHG departmental stores, Watsons Stores and The Cosme Box (


Thank you M.O.S.S for sponsoring me the above products for my review. I hope to be able to try some of your make-up products the next round perhaps.

Please note that all opinions expressed are my own and different skin types will yield different results from usage of the various products. A patch test is always encouraged. Do consult your doctor if you feel any discomfort or discover any rashes from the usage of any of the products.


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