Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour

Singapore is a concrete forest, at least this is perceived by majority of us. Work has overwhelmed us so much that we seek solace in places such as Cameron Highlands, Tea farms and Eco getaways.


Little did we realise that back at home, we do have somewhere where we can visit to look at the lush greens and give our eyes a good break away from the computers. 2 hectares worth of land just 30++ minutes on 975 bus ride taken from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, it will bring you right here.

Drop by Quan Fa Organic Farm and take the chance to reconnect with the beautiful green nature and at the same time, learn about the precious homegrown organic vegetation that Singapore has to offer.

The vegetation grown at Quan Fa has no pesticide and chemical fertilizers. Fertilizers are made by themselves from vegetable composites.

Don’t be little this organic farm. Knowing that Singapore does not have our own certification for organic produce, they have gone to the extend of getting themselves certified with the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia.(NASAA).

We were very privileged to be given a guided tour by the owner himself, MR JJ Liao who shared with generously about what he had accumulated throughout his farming journey.

Sunflower sprouts are unique to Quan Fa Organic Farm, few places offers these. Little did I know that these sprouts can be eaten, even raw. Many have the impression that these are grown from hydroponics but we are wrong, they are grown from organic soil.

They tasted very crunchy and refreshing. You should try to make a salad out of them.

These are wasabi sprouts. They are quite interesting to look at,they are supposed to taste akin to wasabi, but no we didn’t try these.

These are wheat grass, sometimes guinea pig owners calls them “wheek grass”. They are not consumed by itself but by juicing. The most nutritious parts of them are nearer to the roots so when harvesting, go as close to the roots (whitish area) as possible so as not to waste them. Do not over consume wheat grass juice as they may cause diarrhea.

Local Lettuce These are great to be eaten raw or dipped into a bowl of Ba Kut Teh

Spinage gives you heaps of vitamin A, C, E, K, Calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and etc… there are so many benefits from these.

Sweet Potato leaves
These variety of sweet potato leave plant does not fruit. This means that the harvest time is shorter.

Bitter gourd creeping plants. Plastics can be seen wrapped around the fruit. Some of the ripen fruits are kept purely for the harvest of the seeds as they can’t be sold if it does not meet the expectation of the farmers.

Photograph of JJ with a radish plant with radish leaves on, which has a wealth of cancer fighting properties when cooked with shitake mushroom, carrots and Burdock Root.

If you looked closely at the photos, you will notice that there are yellow patches of sticky glues around he farm which are used to attract the pest and flies.

There are plenty of other vegetables which can be found in the farm. I will try to share with you as many of them as I can. I hope you’ll like these photos.

Nai Bai

Did you notice that these vegetables has plenty of holes in them? This is due to pest attacking. It also means that no pesticides were used on the vegetables. Organic farming is expensive because of the labour (manpower) which is required to maintain the farm. Workers need to manually be deployed to remove weeds which can be a very tedious process.

Spotted some lovely chili plant

Do you know that temperate of the composite mixed with yeast, decomposed vegetation and saw dust can rise to 80 degrees as chemical reaction takes place?



Do you know that the whole of the papaya tree is useful? Not only can we eat or make soup out of the papaya fruit the leaves helps to treat dengue too.

There are plenty of other vegetation found in the farm such as the ladies finger, basil, brinjal, mulberry tree and passion fruit tree.

Thank you JJ for hosting us at his humble farm.

We had a great time experimenting with the goodie bag vegetables. If you would like to support our local farmers, you can do so now.

Enter “QuanfaOrganicFarm” when purchasing at their online store to enjoy 10% of your purchase.

*Please note that it is not valid for promotional items and dried goods.
One-time use per customer.

Quan Fa Organic Farm is located at:
35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145

Nearest MRT:
Choa Chu Kang
Bus : 975 (est 30++ minutes ride)

Disclaimer: This article is made possible by JJ Liao and Christina. Thank you for the invitation to visit the farm.


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