Achieve beautiful skin with Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink

As we reach adulthood, only our skin cells continue growing. In a cycle of 28 days, our skin cell reproduces and replaces. Old skin cells dies off and are gradually replaced by new skin cells. As we age, this renewal process slows down and we see various skin problems surfacing. Continual exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight  accounts for the 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging, it damages our skin cells.

To fight signs of aging and maintain a healthy skin cell,  we can increase the intake of Collagen, but to fully benefit from any form of beauty supplements or skin care, we need to first have a healthy skin cell. The healthy stem cells ensure that nutrients can be fully absorbed and locked in the skin.

You may then ask me, what is the required amount of collagen a person may need on a daily basis? 2000mg to 5000mg. Surplus may result in wastage as our body may not be able to absorb further.

AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains the Young Orchid Stem Cells.

Orchid Stem Cell is a powerful antioxidant and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties,particularly young orchid stem cells protect the skin from environmental damages while hydrating and renewing our skin cells
thus making it an excellent youth revitaliser which works on almost all skin types.


AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with Sparkling Water that not only adds a refreshing twist to conventional beauty. Sparkling water actually helps to boost nutrients absorption & promotes skin metabolism!

AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is enhanced with Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen and a combination of Fruit Extracts such as the Acerola Cherry. Other ingredients includes Ascrobic Acid (Vitamin C), Olive Extract, Citric Acid, White Grape Juice, Litchi Juice, Apple Juice, Sparkling Water.

It sounds like a sparkling fruit extract party we’re having here.

a1AVALON™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink claims to solve 6 Skin Problems, allowing you to see results in 7 Days.

1•Rejuvenates damaged skin cells
2•Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
3•Restore skin firmness & elasticity
4•Brightens skin
5•Tighten pores

6•Locks in moisture

Doesn’t it looks like champagne we’re having here?

It is recommended that you consume the AVALON™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink at night before you go to bed.

In 7 days, feel the difference in your skin as you can feel your skin being more supple and hydrated, and in 28 days (Our skin renews itself every 28 days) you can see your skin tone brightens up looking more radiant, pores appears to be tighter, wrinkles and fine lines will also look lighter now that your skin is more supple.


In my opinion as someone with sensitive skin, taking a nightly dose of a beauty drink is more convenient and a lesser risk than slapping 101 skincare products (of unknown origin or unnatural ingredients) on your skin’s exterior.

However, there are no one miracle product in the world, beauty takes time and effort to maintain. You need to continuously take these beauty drinks to maintain the results and not expect a one off result to last forever after your first consumption.

I love the sweet, sour sparkling juice that are easy to ingest and they tasted so yummy. It doesn’t feels too thick or sticky. I am looking forward to a more youthful and beautiful skin. You should try for yourself too.


You can now purchase a box of 10 bottles at $69.90.
They are available at Watson Stores, Unity Pharmacy, ALT, OG, Robinsons, Yue Hwa, and on the online store at .
Exclusive reader’s online promotion:

Purchase via,  and get 20% OFF when you enter the code “TSS-20OFF” at checkout.

Do stay tuned to as there will be a giveaway on 17 October 2016.

Do head to Sample Store to read more reviews of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink if you like.


Disclaimer: Thank you Sample Store for sending me this box of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink for my review.


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