Dining at Sarnies with The Entertainer App

Located in the Central Business District, one can find a pumping Aussie Cafe, Sarnies started in 2010 by Ben Lee. To celebrate their 6 years of serving comfort food and specialty coffee, Sarnies Cafe has came up with a spanking new dinner menu packed with rustic flavours. Without further delay, let's dig into the delectable … Continue reading Dining at Sarnies with The Entertainer App


3 Misconceptions you may have on VANS

Have you heard the news that VANS is collaborating with Disney Pixar Toy Story for their new collection? OMG!Β  *Screams* I can't wait to see the actual product as I am a Disney fan, although not necessarily a Toy Story fan. VANS celebrates their 50th year anniversary this year, in 2016.Β  They will be having … Continue reading 3 Misconceptions you may have on VANS

EHA V Signature Facial

Oh gosh, I realised that I haven't been to any facial since the past 2 months. This is how fast time flies. Don't be like me okay? You girls should pamper yourselves more and maintain a regular facial regime. At least I made it a point to take my beauty drinks promptly. So I decided … Continue reading EHA V Signature Facial