EHA launches 2 new skin fabulous products for your everyday hydration needs- The Hydra Serum and Moisturising Gel

EHA recently invited me back to their retail outlet to witness the launch of 2 of their latest  products. Skin hydration is crucial for our skin, so that we do not look like an old, wrinkled old woman who carries a saggy face.


Other than catching up with some bloggers and making some new friends, it was a pleasure and bonus to be able to take a photo with the gorgeous May Phua. I swear i was so tired, you could totally tell from my eyes (I was struggling so hard to keep them open).

EHA took close to 3 years to come up with the right formulation of hyaluronic acid in their EHA Hydra Serum. This serum consist of a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid which is light-weight and does not clog pores. If you are wondering, sensitive skin people can also use this serum too, as I have personally tested it on my hands and face. It does not have any negative reaction.


It feels slightly sticky and dense initially when you applied the serum onto your skin, and its fun to watch the serum roll on your skin, but it magically “dissolves” into your skin like water when you gently pat the serum on your skin. The serum is clear, courless and odorless or fragrance-less as some may call it, perfect for simple minded skincare loving individuals like me.


The product comes in a lovely clear dispensable bottle which allows you to keep sight of how much serum is left and dispense easily and without wastage with a single press of the pump.

The serum retails at $120 for 30ml but its really worth it because you are paying for a quality serum that instantly hydrates and plumps up your skin within a few mere minutes of application.  This product is suitable for day and night use on all skin types including the sensitive, oily or acne prone skin.

Another of their product which was recommended to be used after the application of the EHA Hydra Serum is the EHA Moisturising Gel.


The EHA Moisturising Gel is a gel-based-lotion which when applied, forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture and nutrients on your skin so that it stays hydrated for a longer time. Apply it as a replacement of your face primer and see your foundation last longer.


The product contains Evening Primerose extract, seaweed extract, plant collagen and protein for their whitening, hydrating and anti-aging properties. It does not contain artificial activators and alcohol. The moisturising gel is suitable for even the oily and acne prone skin. Silicon is added to protect your skin from oxidation and Titanium Dioxide is added for its sun protection properties.

A closer look at the moisturising gel. The gel is white, light, and odorless.

I like the idea of having the protective shield on my skin and having it protect my skin especially when I sleep. The water droplets reminds me of a certain “sleeping mask”. My skin feel so smooth, protected and moisturized after I applied the moisturizing gel.

The moisturising gel retails at $88 for 50ml. Suitable for day and night use on all skin types including the sensitive, oily or acne prone skin.


Both products are formulated by a team of experts from Japan and can be purchased at:

EHA Skincare which is located at,
#03-28 Shaw Centre in Orchard.

Disclaimer: This article is made possible by EHA Skincare. Thank you Kristen and EHA Skincare for the invitation.


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