3 General Fashion Tips on wearing skorts

I always had the problem wearing mini skirts because at times it may seem too revealing and it gets very inconvenient when you have to squat down to reach out for something. Until recently when i saw these skorts online I was blown away! They are the perfect solution for people who love to wear skirts but are more conservative. It was only in the recent few years that we see the popularity of skorts. Whoever came out with this brilliant design, kudos to them!


If you are wondering, Skorts are actually skirt + shorts. They look like skirt on the outside, but they are actually shorts in the inside. Confused much? Why not you click on the link above and check it out for yourself? I’m going to share with you some personal tips.


#1 Explore funky looking skorts and wear it during the weekends for play time
Skort makes great weekend wear and they can be paired with a simple looking T-shirt to present a playful and casual look. Pair it with an unusual loose fitting skort with waist strap tie and you are ready for a casual movie weekend, or perhaps even a picnic date at the park.


#2 Don’t be afraid to incorporate serious and formal looking skort in your work wear
Pair it with a more formal top and go for thin soft stripes such as the photo you see above, for a more corporate look. A plain black or dark coloured skort makes it easy for pairing too. It tends to look more formal as well. I believe most office should be able to accept it unless you are wearing a super short skort or your office has some strict policies on office wear, most office allows casual wear now, so just check around.


#3 Have fun with the floral skorts to create different looks
My tip is to go for something more floral, complicated, artistic or colourful at the bottom and a plain simple top to bring out the skort’s beautiful designs. Two colourful design would clash unless they are meant to look as if you are wearing a romper.

Ever sinceย  I had returned to the workforce, I am both feeling both overwhelmed with the huge pile of work and responsibilities waiting for me to clear everyday at the office, as well as fretting over with what to wear as I would sometimes need to meet clients.

I have heard my friends boasting about how Zalora had helped them save time on shopping for their clothing and shoes. Since I had no time to shop, I have decided to join in the crowd and did my first online purchase with the site.

I bought several simple work appropriate looking tops and a couple of dresses suitable for play and casual wear. You wouldn’t believe that I snagged 6 pieces of clothing at just slightly over a hundred bucks! They are all Zalora branded and have great quality. I will be slowly adding them to my regular work wear.

Looks like now I will have the option of getting some of these Skorts for myself to incorporate in my work wear. But wait, I’ve run out of shopping budget, maybe on the next round of online clothes shopping!

Got a tip or 2 to share for pairing your tops with Skorts? Share with me via the comments below.

All photo credit goes to Zalora Singapore website.


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