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Looking for a quiet, peaceful and fun place to chill out with your buddies out of the usual town area, on a weekend afternoon? I’ve got somewhere to recommend you. If you like Taipei, Seoul or somewhat fusion kind of food, there is somewhere in Jalan Leban where I  would like to show you.


Taipei Seoul Cafe has operated in Singapore for about 1 month by now and their chef and baristas are specially hired from Taipei.

Maggi the owner, is proud of her cozy cafe where drinks are named after famous Taiwan and Korean drama serials such as “冬季恋歌 , 来自星星的你, 绿光森林, 蔷薇之恋 and 命中注定我爱你.

These drinks will surprise you, not only in terms of their appearance, but their taste too. This is the first time which I’ve come across drinks with such fancy names and are beautifully presented. They are a feast for the eyes.

  原来是美男 & 原来是美女

These drink taste like milk shakes which has lovely colours to the drink, most of us prefer the female version of the drink which was lighter and less creamy.

Photo credits, photo of myself and Tracy: Clarissa

Monster Coffee

Me and Tracy sharing a cup of Monster Coffee, which tasted like Matcha? We prefer the colour of the drink before it was mixed.



The name of this drink really suits it’s looks. It looks like a galaxy sea of stars. It looks very dreamy and reminds me of “The Little Prince”. It tasted somewhat like a soda drink.

太阳的后裔 , 绿光森林,下一站幸福

These 3 drinks stole the hearts of the group. Many of us couldn’t decide which we loved better. These drinks are like mocktails made from a mixture of citrus fruits such as orange, berries and grape fruit with soda. The last version had rose and taste a tad like cranberry or Ribena. You should really try them for yourself.


 We liked the Winter Sonata too, lovely blue and tasted like a soda float due to the ice-cream on top. If you are interested to try, these drinks cost about $10 – $12. They are recommended to be shared as the serving is quite huge.

Sour Plum Sweet Potato $3.50 &  Taiwan Popcorn Chicken $6.50

 We had these lovely snacks to munch on while waiting for our mains to arrive. The sour plum sweet potato tasted really nice, so much better than the usual potato version, so is the popcorn chicken with basil leaf. We never seemed to have enough of these 2 and is asking for more of them.

Pork Ribs Potato Stew $13.90 , Beef Tieokbokki Stew $13.90, Kimchi Jigae with Pork $9.90

There are different variations of soup ranging from the not so spicy but rich pork ribs potato stew to the light and tasty Kimchi Jigae. The Beef Tieokbokki with korean rice cake was a less popular amongst the crowd who prefers something that tasted stronger. Each of these dishes comes with a plate of rice. Our favourite was the Pork Ribs Potato Stew where the ribs was soft and the soup was rich and is not as spicy as it looked.

Photo credits, photo of myself and Tracy, Jessie and ShuQing: Clarissa

Sirloin Steak $18.90, Golden Chicken Thigh $13.90, Honey Chicken Chop $14.90

If you prefer some western selection, you an try these 3 dishes. We love the sweet Honey Chicken Chop as it was cooked very nicely, crispy on the outside and succulent juicy inside. Or if you prefer he Chicken Thigh meat, you can try the golden chicken thigh which tasted equally good. The steak was a little grainy and over-cooked as we had left it there, as we were too busy with photo-taking and had neglected the dish.

Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae $13.90, Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet $17.90

I personally liked the Spicy Chicken Jigae if not for its small bone fragments that somewhat spoiled the experience for me. The Ham and Choose pork cutlet was another hot favourite with the crowd and the dish was polished off rather quickly.

Waffle Gelato $10.90

They say there’s always room for desserts and its true. Despite after trying out all the food, we managed to save some space on our tummy for the desserts.We loved the waffles with Gelato. The Gelato was light but could have more eggs in them to make them more fragrant but overall the taste was acceptable.

Assorted cakes and tarts such as the tiramisu , pumpkin tart, lemon creme tart, Matcha tart and strawberry yogurt tart.

The pumpkin tart came as a pleasant surprise and the lemon creme tart was my favourite. Most of them loved the Matcha tart as well due to its strong Matcha taste.


Blue Pea macaroon with raspberry jam

The Tiffany blue colour of the macaroon comes from the blue pea flower. We all loved this dish especially with the ice-cream in between the macaroon. The macaroon is not too sweet and is specially made by the cafe’s baker.


Chocolate Lava Cake with ice-cream

Absolutely lovely chocolate lava cake warm in the inside with the cold ice-cream beside it. Nicely made and tasted heavenly.

Photo credits: Taipei Seoul Cafe Staff

Most of the dishes were delicious with reasonable price and portion, they were also nicely presented. Most people seem to drop by this place for desserts but we recommend you to try out their mains too. The drinks not only sounds good but tasted equally good, so you should really give this place a try.

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Sounds good?

Taipei Seoul Cafe is located at:
10 Jalan Leban
S577551 Singapore

Directions to get there:
From Ang Mo Kio HUB bus interchange take bus 169 and stop at the 7th stop.
The shop is located behind SPC petrol station

Disclaimer: This article is made possible because of the food tasting invitation extended by Jacky and Maggie of Taipei Seoul Cafe. Thank you Jessie for the overall coordination and everyone involved for the company of the evening.


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