Event Invitation: Nature’s Glory Organic Workshop

Last week, I had the opportunity to learn more about Nature Glory and Organic food through a workshop which I’ve attended.


According to Mr Peter Lim (Founder)  Nature’s Glory – the name you trust for health. It’s about natural healing, harvesting nature’s offerings to promote good health and well-being. All the products sold in this store is carefully selected and tested using the latest technology and tools. This is to ensure that consumers gets the best products with the most nutrients.

Had my first encounter with Bonsoy which was added into my nice cuppa latte instead of the usual skimmed milk. Bonsoy was the star of the day and it was incorporated into most of the dishes and drinks that were prepared for the group.

Bonsoy” comes from French meaning “wonderful soybeans”. Created by Japanese soy masters perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy is a truly healthy and nutritious drink. Only whole organically grown Non-Genetically Modified soybeans cultivated in fields on a rotational basis, are used. The beans are cooked in patented equipment, to ensure the strong “beany flavour” of soybeans is eliminated and the beans are evenly cooked. Tapioca syrup and Job’s tears are added to bring out the natural roasted flavor.

Bonsoy has a natural, full bodied mellow aroma with a subtle, mildly sweet flavour.
It is made from certified organic soybeans that are free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetic modifications, all these can be commonly found in non-organic soybean beverages.

Bonsoy is lactose free; people who are allergic to milk can enjoy Bonsoy, a non-dairy product.


4For the more adventurous taste buds, you can try to incorporate the Red Ginger or Turmeric drink mix into your morning coffee or tea. These addition make you feel less bloated, drives away the air in your tummy and has good cancer fighting properties.

Bonsoy can also be used to substitute the regular coconut milk which you use to create your Laksa dish.


We polished off every drop of the home-made Laksa dish that was prepared with them. The usual yellow noodles were also substitute by Quinoa noodles which provided more nutrients. They were surprisingly delicious and smooth. Some bloggers were even going for their second rounds.

There were other food such as the muffin, created using Bonsoy,  healthy ready made snacks, vegetable soup and cheng teng (not in photo) available for our sampling. These food are made using the finest organic ingredients which can be found within the organic store.

We later had the opportunity to tour the store where lots of household products and food were found. You can find almost anything and everything that you can find in a supermarket here. The only thing is that all items are organic

Even the vegetables and fruits found in this store were organic or pesticide free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a look at some of the organic products that they carry. I’m sure you can find what you want here. From Zum Bar oat milk soap, Dr Bronner  Pure Castile Soap to Plum Balls, Organic soymilk, Olive oil, Sea Salt, Buck Wheat noodles, Coconut Oil, Kombu Balls to crackers and snacks. You name it, they have it.

We left with a bag full of goodies and I can’t wait to try creating my own organic dishes from these.

We have started the pack by incorporating 1 teaspoon of Tumeric drink mix into our morning coffee/tea and I can’t wait to throw the Organic Goji Berries into my mum’s home made soups, I heard that the Kombu (seaweed powder) taste great in soups too and is used widely in the Japanese cuisine. Goji Berries are very good for the eyes, you can even put some into your water and take them as it is.

My  mum is going to make some curry tonight with the Bonsoy! Can’t wait to try it and share with you what she had prepared.


On the other hand, these noodles are way healthier than instant noodles. If you are looking for something that gives you a boost in nutrients, you may wish to check them out.

Do follow me on @pearlywerkz as I will be showcasing her creations there!

Nature’s Glory 315
Outram Road #01-09 Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074

Tel: 6227 1318

How to get there by public transport:
Via MRT : Tiong Bahru, Outram
Via Bus : Outram Road (SBS 16, 33, 63, 85, 123, 195, TIBS 75, 851, 970, CSS 608)

For more details and information, do check out:

Disclaimer: This article is made possible because of Christine and Nature Glory. Thank you for having me and my husband at the event.


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