3 General Fashion Tips on wearing skorts

I always had the problem wearing mini skirts because at times it may seem too revealing and it gets very inconvenient when you have to squat down to reach out for something. Until recently when i saw these skorts online I was blown away! They are the perfect solution for people who love to wear skirts but are more conservative. It was only in the recent few years that we see the popularity of skorts. Whoever came out with this brilliant design, kudos to them!


If you are wondering, Skorts are actually skirt + shorts. They look like skirt on the outside, but they are actually shorts in the inside. Confused much? Why not you click on the link above and check it out for yourself? I’m going to share with you some personal tips.


#1 Explore funky looking skorts and wear it during the weekends for play time
Skort makes great weekend wear and they can be paired with a simple looking T-shirt to present a playful and casual look. Pair it with an unusual loose fitting skort with waist strap tie and you are ready for a casual movie weekend, or perhaps even a picnic date at the park.


#2 Don’t be afraid to incorporate serious and formal looking skort in your work wear
Pair it with a more formal top and go for thin soft stripes such as the photo you see above, for a more corporate look. A plain black or dark coloured skort makes it easy for pairing too. It tends to look more formal as well. I believe most office should be able to accept it unless you are wearing a super short skort or your office has some strict policies on office wear, most office allows casual wear now, so just check around.


#3 Have fun with the floral skorts to create different looks
My tip is to go for something more floral, complicated, artistic or colourful at the bottom and a plain simple top to bring out the skort’s beautiful designs. Two colourful design would clash unless they are meant to look as if you are wearing a romper.

Ever since  I had returned to the workforce, I am both feeling both overwhelmed with the huge pile of work and responsibilities waiting for me to clear everyday at the office, as well as fretting over with what to wear as I would sometimes need to meet clients.

I have heard my friends boasting about how Zalora had helped them save time on shopping for their clothing and shoes. Since I had no time to shop, I have decided to join in the crowd and did my first online purchase with the site.

I bought several simple work appropriate looking tops and a couple of dresses suitable for play and casual wear. You wouldn’t believe that I snagged 6 pieces of clothing at just slightly over a hundred bucks! They are all Zalora branded and have great quality. I will be slowly adding them to my regular work wear.

Looks like now I will have the option of getting some of these Skorts for myself to incorporate in my work wear. But wait, I’ve run out of shopping budget, maybe on the next round of online clothes shopping!

Got a tip or 2 to share for pairing your tops with Skorts? Share with me via the comments below.

All photo credit goes to Zalora Singapore website.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

I believe most of you would have seen the unboxing of the Asus Zenfone 3 . I assume you should know what are the components of the phone. Check back my previous link above if you haven’t read about it.

If you are still unsure, not to worry as this post will deep dive into the looks as well as the functionalities of the Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL).

Before that, I am sure that most of you already know that I am one of the official ASUS Mobile Singapore Ambassadors alongside with the other lovable bloggers? It was such a humble and eye-opening experience to be able to have a photoshoot alongside with the famous Michelle Chong too. Thank you ASUS for this golden opportunity.


Let me now move on to the Asus ZenFone 3. At first glance, Asus ZenFone 3  exudes sophistication. It is a natural beauty inspired by the spirit of Zen. It is sleek, crystal clear, beautiful to admire and comfortable to hold.


It has gentle arcs made from the contoured 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass on both the front and rear making it resistant to scratches, great for clumsy people like me. It is too precious for me to drop but just in case ya know.


It’s metal frame is only 6.16mm slim with a screen of 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080, Full HD with Super IPS+ panel and ultra-slim 2.1mm bezel. Even if I were to slip it into my pocket, I don’t have to worry about it bulging out. I believe this is a major concern for the guys!

The usual volume up and down buttons are at the side, followed by the power on/off button. Same functions as the previous versions of Zenfone so you won’t be confused.


The Asus Zenfone 3 comes with a 0.37mm diamond cut bevel finger print sensor positioned for the way you hold your phone. It unlocks the Asus ZenFone 3 in just 0.2 seconds, this makes it a breeze to unlock your phone and makes 1 less password to remember, suitable for old people like me. Haha…

  • 0.18mm diamond cut bevel camera ring
  • 600 nits brightness for easy viewing under bright lighting conditions, especially helpful for those who enjoy reading with their phone when they are outdoors.
4 colours
Photo credits: Asus Singapore Website

The Asus ZenFone 3  comes in 3 colours, Moonlight White, Shimmer Gold and Sapphire Black for the local Singapore market.

As with every other photography enthusiast, my interest was also to find out it’s camera’s performance. The Asus ZenFone 3 captures images as close as the real world with its PixelMaster 3.0.


Something note-worthy is the Asus ZenFone 3’s Ultra -fast 0.3s instant focus and subject tracking capability. The TriTech AF is is exclusive to the ZenFone 3 and for the first time, laser, phase detection and continuous auto-focus, resulting in a clear focus in just 0.03 seconds in varying conditions, for all scenarios and at ten times faster than the blink of your eye. Sounds impressive isn’t it. Look at the fake rose on my mobile screen, they look exactly like the real thing.

  • 16MP camera with the latest Sony® IMX298 sensor
  • six-element Largan lens with a large f/2.0 aperture
  • subject-tracking TriTech auto-focus for variable distance and lighting clarity in just 0.03 seconds
  • Optical and electronic image stabilization for blur-free shots and video
  • Color correction sensor for true color photography
  • true 4K UHD video recording

Left (Front camera) , Right ( Back camera)

5zf Asus ZenFone 3 even offers accelerated charging, with a five-minute top-up adding two hours of talk time to the powerful in-built 3000mAh battery. Somehow I wished for more but well, with something so slim and powerful I am happy with the “juice” i can get for now.

It comes with the reversible USB-C for any-way-up connectivity convenience, this means that you don’t have to flip your cables to check which way to connect anymore. This is a major frustration for me, I am so grateful to have this cable.


Asus ZenFone 3 has SonicMaster and High-Res Audio certification. With an advanced five-magnet speaker construction, metal voice coil and expensive sound chamber powered by Smart AMP, you’ll enjoy powerful, emotional audio in every scenario. This means that I get better quality soundtracks and not fuzzy noise when my soothing sentimental songs are played out loud.

Alternatively, you can choose to plug in your favorite compatible headphone or earbuds and experience true High-Res audio quality everywhere you go with ZenFone 3’s studio-grade 24-bit/192kHz playback which is 4x better than CD quality!

Image credits: Asus Singapore Website

Asus ZenFone 3 is also fitted with the ZenUI 3.0, a new interface with added intelligence. Find ways to brighten your mobile experience, improve productivity and make life fun with the different widget offerings such as the new themes, game genie, photos+ and Mobile Manager.

If  you like gaming, Asus ZenFone 3 also comes with Game Genie, a brand new feature packed with brilliant features to enhance your playtime!

With such an impressive portfolio of functionalities especially with both its front and back camera, a beautiful outlook and ease of use, there is really nothing much that I dislike about this phone.


For more details and information, do check out:
ASUS Mobile Singapore
ASUS Mobile SG ZenFone 3 Website Information
ASUS Mobile SG Instagram

Disclaimer: This article is made possible by ASUS Mobile Singapore. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Asus Zenfone 3.

Taipei . Seoul Cafe – Food, Dessert Cafe


Looking for a quiet, peaceful and fun place to chill out with your buddies out of the usual town area, on a weekend afternoon? I’ve got somewhere to recommend you. If you like Taipei, Seoul or somewhat fusion kind of food, there is somewhere in Jalan Leban where I  would like to show you.


Taipei Seoul Cafe has operated in Singapore for about 1 month by now and their chef and baristas are specially hired from Taipei.

Maggi the owner, is proud of her cozy cafe where drinks are named after famous Taiwan and Korean drama serials such as “冬季恋歌 , 来自星星的你, 绿光森林, 蔷薇之恋 and 命中注定我爱你.

These drinks will surprise you, not only in terms of their appearance, but their taste too. This is the first time which I’ve come across drinks with such fancy names and are beautifully presented. They are a feast for the eyes.

  原来是美男 & 原来是美女

These drink taste like milk shakes which has lovely colours to the drink, most of us prefer the female version of the drink which was lighter and less creamy.

Photo credits, photo of myself and Tracy: Clarissa

Monster Coffee

Me and Tracy sharing a cup of Monster Coffee, which tasted like Matcha? We prefer the colour of the drink before it was mixed.



The name of this drink really suits it’s looks. It looks like a galaxy sea of stars. It looks very dreamy and reminds me of “The Little Prince”. It tasted somewhat like a soda drink.

太阳的后裔 , 绿光森林,下一站幸福

These 3 drinks stole the hearts of the group. Many of us couldn’t decide which we loved better. These drinks are like mocktails made from a mixture of citrus fruits such as orange, berries and grape fruit with soda. The last version had rose and taste a tad like cranberry or Ribena. You should really try them for yourself.


 We liked the Winter Sonata too, lovely blue and tasted like a soda float due to the ice-cream on top. If you are interested to try, these drinks cost about $10 – $12. They are recommended to be shared as the serving is quite huge.

Sour Plum Sweet Potato $3.50 &  Taiwan Popcorn Chicken $6.50

 We had these lovely snacks to munch on while waiting for our mains to arrive. The sour plum sweet potato tasted really nice, so much better than the usual potato version, so is the popcorn chicken with basil leaf. We never seemed to have enough of these 2 and is asking for more of them.

Pork Ribs Potato Stew $13.90 , Beef Tieokbokki Stew $13.90, Kimchi Jigae with Pork $9.90

There are different variations of soup ranging from the not so spicy but rich pork ribs potato stew to the light and tasty Kimchi Jigae. The Beef Tieokbokki with korean rice cake was a less popular amongst the crowd who prefers something that tasted stronger. Each of these dishes comes with a plate of rice. Our favourite was the Pork Ribs Potato Stew where the ribs was soft and the soup was rich and is not as spicy as it looked.

Photo credits, photo of myself and Tracy, Jessie and ShuQing: Clarissa

Sirloin Steak $18.90, Golden Chicken Thigh $13.90, Honey Chicken Chop $14.90

If you prefer some western selection, you an try these 3 dishes. We love the sweet Honey Chicken Chop as it was cooked very nicely, crispy on the outside and succulent juicy inside. Or if you prefer he Chicken Thigh meat, you can try the golden chicken thigh which tasted equally good. The steak was a little grainy and over-cooked as we had left it there, as we were too busy with photo-taking and had neglected the dish.

Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae $13.90, Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet $17.90

I personally liked the Spicy Chicken Jigae if not for its small bone fragments that somewhat spoiled the experience for me. The Ham and Choose pork cutlet was another hot favourite with the crowd and the dish was polished off rather quickly.

Waffle Gelato $10.90

They say there’s always room for desserts and its true. Despite after trying out all the food, we managed to save some space on our tummy for the desserts.We loved the waffles with Gelato. The Gelato was light but could have more eggs in them to make them more fragrant but overall the taste was acceptable.

Assorted cakes and tarts such as the tiramisu , pumpkin tart, lemon creme tart, Matcha tart and strawberry yogurt tart.

The pumpkin tart came as a pleasant surprise and the lemon creme tart was my favourite. Most of them loved the Matcha tart as well due to its strong Matcha taste.


Blue Pea macaroon with raspberry jam

The Tiffany blue colour of the macaroon comes from the blue pea flower. We all loved this dish especially with the ice-cream in between the macaroon. The macaroon is not too sweet and is specially made by the cafe’s baker.


Chocolate Lava Cake with ice-cream

Absolutely lovely chocolate lava cake warm in the inside with the cold ice-cream beside it. Nicely made and tasted heavenly.

Photo credits: Taipei Seoul Cafe Staff

Most of the dishes were delicious with reasonable price and portion, they were also nicely presented. Most people seem to drop by this place for desserts but we recommend you to try out their mains too. The drinks not only sounds good but tasted equally good, so you should really give this place a try.

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Like their Facebook & Follow the Instagram of Taipei Seoul to be entitled a free dessert of the day.
Taipei Soul Cafe Facebook and www.instagram.com/taipei.seoul_cafe

Sounds good?

Taipei Seoul Cafe is located at:
10 Jalan Leban
S577551 Singapore

Directions to get there:
From Ang Mo Kio HUB bus interchange take bus 169 and stop at the 7th stop.
The shop is located behind SPC petrol station

Disclaimer: This article is made possible because of the food tasting invitation extended by Jacky and Maggie of Taipei Seoul Cafe. Thank you Jessie for the overall coordination and everyone involved for the company of the evening.

Unboxing Asus ZenFone 3

Hey dudes, look at what I’ve gotten here? Its the Asus ZenFone 3. Let’s take a quick look at this beautiful piece of technology by ASUS. This is the Asus Zenfone 3!

ZenFone 3 is an agile, exquisite design inspired by the beauty of nature. A glass-and-metal wonder that captures the world with absolute clarity. An extraordinary smartphone for a life less ordinary.


It is looking so nice just by sitting beside my breakfast. The Asus Zenfone 3 comes in  MoonLight White, Shimmer Gold and Sapphire Black. The set which is shown in this review comes in Sapphire Black, a universal colour which will never go wrong with anyone.

  • It has a zen look, with 2.5D front and rear corning Gorilla contoured Glass finish.
  • The phone weighs 155g
  • Captures image fast and steady with instant focus of 0.03s laser AF
  • Operates with Android 6.0 with ASUS ZenUI 3.0
  • Measures 152.59 X 77.38 x 7.69mm
  • 10-finger capacitive touch
  • 3000 mAh (non-removable battery)


1x ASUS ZenFone 3
1x Charging Cable
1x 2- square pin Adapter head
1x ear-piece
1x sim card slot key
1x User Guide


This launch comes with 3 different models, namely the ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Ultra and ZenFone3 Deluxe.

You will be pleased to know that the media launch event for ZenFone 3 and other phones in the series will be held on the 26th August at 313 Somerset.


I gotta go catch some Pokemon and show off to my friends my lovely phone now, the 3000mAh battery should be enough to last me until I finish my whole neighbourhood and take some clear photographs. More details such as the phone’s specs and user review will be shared with you during my review post.

For more details and information, do check out:
ASUS Mobile Singapore
ASUS Mobile SG ZenFone 3 Website Information
ASUS Mobile SG Instagram

Disclaimer: This article is made possible by ASUS Mobile Singapore.

* This article is also published on pearlywerkz.blogspot.sg by the same author, you can find the unboxing video there.

Event Invitation: Nature’s Glory Organic Workshop

Last week, I had the opportunity to learn more about Nature Glory and Organic food through a workshop which I’ve attended.


According to Mr Peter Lim (Founder)  Nature’s Glory – the name you trust for health. It’s about natural healing, harvesting nature’s offerings to promote good health and well-being. All the products sold in this store is carefully selected and tested using the latest technology and tools. This is to ensure that consumers gets the best products with the most nutrients.

Had my first encounter with Bonsoy which was added into my nice cuppa latte instead of the usual skimmed milk. Bonsoy was the star of the day and it was incorporated into most of the dishes and drinks that were prepared for the group.

Bonsoy” comes from French meaning “wonderful soybeans”. Created by Japanese soy masters perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy is a truly healthy and nutritious drink. Only whole organically grown Non-Genetically Modified soybeans cultivated in fields on a rotational basis, are used. The beans are cooked in patented equipment, to ensure the strong “beany flavour” of soybeans is eliminated and the beans are evenly cooked. Tapioca syrup and Job’s tears are added to bring out the natural roasted flavor.

Bonsoy has a natural, full bodied mellow aroma with a subtle, mildly sweet flavour.
It is made from certified organic soybeans that are free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetic modifications, all these can be commonly found in non-organic soybean beverages.

Bonsoy is lactose free; people who are allergic to milk can enjoy Bonsoy, a non-dairy product.


4For the more adventurous taste buds, you can try to incorporate the Red Ginger or Turmeric drink mix into your morning coffee or tea. These addition make you feel less bloated, drives away the air in your tummy and has good cancer fighting properties.

Bonsoy can also be used to substitute the regular coconut milk which you use to create your Laksa dish.


We polished off every drop of the home-made Laksa dish that was prepared with them. The usual yellow noodles were also substitute by Quinoa noodles which provided more nutrients. They were surprisingly delicious and smooth. Some bloggers were even going for their second rounds.

There were other food such as the muffin, created using Bonsoy,  healthy ready made snacks, vegetable soup and cheng teng (not in photo) available for our sampling. These food are made using the finest organic ingredients which can be found within the organic store.

We later had the opportunity to tour the store where lots of household products and food were found. You can find almost anything and everything that you can find in a supermarket here. The only thing is that all items are organic

Even the vegetables and fruits found in this store were organic or pesticide free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a look at some of the organic products that they carry. I’m sure you can find what you want here. From Zum Bar oat milk soap, Dr Bronner  Pure Castile Soap to Plum Balls, Organic soymilk, Olive oil, Sea Salt, Buck Wheat noodles, Coconut Oil, Kombu Balls to crackers and snacks. You name it, they have it.

We left with a bag full of goodies and I can’t wait to try creating my own organic dishes from these.

We have started the pack by incorporating 1 teaspoon of Tumeric drink mix into our morning coffee/tea and I can’t wait to throw the Organic Goji Berries into my mum’s home made soups, I heard that the Kombu (seaweed powder) taste great in soups too and is used widely in the Japanese cuisine. Goji Berries are very good for the eyes, you can even put some into your water and take them as it is.

My  mum is going to make some curry tonight with the Bonsoy! Can’t wait to try it and share with you what she had prepared.


On the other hand, these noodles are way healthier than instant noodles. If you are looking for something that gives you a boost in nutrients, you may wish to check them out.

Do follow me on @pearlywerkz as I will be showcasing her creations there!

Nature’s Glory 315
Outram Road #01-09 Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074

Tel: 6227 1318

How to get there by public transport:
Via MRT : Tiong Bahru, Outram
Via Bus : Outram Road (SBS 16, 33, 63, 85, 123, 195, TIBS 75, 851, 970, CSS 608)

For more details and information, do check out:

Disclaimer: This article is made possible because of Christine and Nature Glory. Thank you for having me and my husband at the event.