Food Tasting at Okinawa Gelato – Drool Worthy

Are you a fan of ice-cream? Yet you don’t wish to add on more calories to your diet? I had the opportunity to check out this gelato brand which came all the way from Okinawa, Japan. They are the choice gelato in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea and voted as the best in Okinawa.


When given a choice, you should choose gelato over ice-cream because even the Minons says “Gelato…” and not ice-cream. Ok.. I know you are feeling the chills already. Let’s get back on point on the benefits of choosing gelato over ice-cream.


  1. Gelato tends to be more flavorful and richer in their flavours
  2. You’re paying for a denser product which contains lesser fat compared to a regular ice-cream as gelato uses milk while ice-cream uses cream. Gelato also contains fewer egg yolks. If you put them in numbers, you are getting 5% fat from gelato compared to an ice-cream which contain 15-30%.


Why choose Okinawa Gelato then?

  1. The Okinawa Gelato uses only Hokkaido and Yamakawa milk compared to local flavours that uses peanut butter, gula melaka and milo. These gelato uses natural flavours found in Okinawa. The gelato is made using a traditional confectionery method which is in line with the Okinawa tradition.
  2. Only the finest ingredients are used to bring out the finest gelato. There are no artificial flavorings or enhances done. This made them safe for eating even for children. Which also gives them a shorter shelf life (i.e- 1-2weeks maximum)


What are the available flavors to choose from?

There are a total of 30 flavors but due to certain constrains and restrictions, they currently have only 7 flavors for you to try and buy.

Shikuwasa sorbert :
Made in ogimi village. The tangu sweetness of the green fruit is surprising refreshing and fruity.

This is an equivalent to the Japanese lime which tasted different from the local limes. It is less sour but citrus rich and refreshing. It is mine and my hubby’s favorite flavor, unfortunately they already ran out of it. 

Okinawa tofu :
Made in Nanho city. Okinawan tofu, being extremely high in protein, is often referred to as “longevity food”. The overall gelato is gently rich with Okinawa soyabeans.

You can taste the tofu but be pleasantly surprised as tofu tends to be tasteless, but not this. The flavor is quite rich and there is a gentle milk sweetness taste to it.


Purple sweet potato :
From Yomitan villange and Miyako island. The purple sweet potato is made into velvety paste before blending into the gelato. The overall taste combined a mild sweetness and intense potato “punch”.

I thought this tasted like mashed sweet potato. I can’t really taste the milk in it but sweet potato lovers will love it.

Matcha :
Using tea leaves from Shizouka Prefecture, this gelato has intense yet slightly bitter after-taste. Great for matcha lover who is looking for the real matcha “punch”.

Many commented that the Matcha flavor is strong and has a slight bitter after-taste. I am not a matcha fan when it comes to having it incorporated into my food but I like the matcha taste and I don’t get the bitter after-taste. I think they blended it in the gelato very well.

Salted milk :
Made using Nuchi masu salt. Seawater is drawn off the coast of Miyagi Island. This sea salt contain high in minerals and it can accentuated the creaminess of the milk flavor.

This has a very interesting flavor, if you want something salty go for this. I kind of like the salty-sweet sea salt taste from it.

Brown sugar :
Made in Tarama Village. This gelato offer a sweetness with a complex, mineral-rich finish.

The brown sugar has a pleasant taste, nothing very strong or unique but delicious in its own way.

Black/Red Tea :
Made in Kunigami Village. A unique Okinawa tea leaves from Inzatsu Assam variety offer an full aroma character.

This is another flavor that we both liked. You can taste the tea in the gelato. Tea lovers you will love it. Not too strong but enough to enhance the gelato’s flavor.


Meyer Lemon yogurt :
Meyer Lemon is a natural hybrid of lemon and orange. We made this into a unique yogurt as a suitable alternative after heavy dinner.

The yogurt is very refreshing and nice. I can’t decide if I liked this or the lime one better, but the lemon had a lighter taste compared to the shikuwasa gelato.

Cheese :
Made in Ishigaki Island using milk from Jersey cows. It’s mild, yet refined.

Cheese in a gelato is very unique, salty and sweet combination, not too chessy. I liked this as well.

Each cup retails at $4.90, there is a buy 5 get 1 free promotion on-going now.


Where to find them?
They are temporarily located at Raffles Xchange ( Beside TCC , 1 level above Raffles Mrt station). Be on the look out for their physical store coming to your way soon!

For more details and information, do check out:

Do you love gelato and have a favourite flavour? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Disclaimer: This article is made possible because because of the gelato tasting invitation extended by Lawrence and Okinawa gelato. Thank you for extending the invite.


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