3 reasons why you should get the Tee-Saurus Rawr Around Singapore series of Postcards

Singapore themed gifts are quickly flying off the shelves partly because the nation’s birthday is coming right up, in about 2 weeks time. This is the time we feel most connected to our country, our home.

There is another reason why we loved these, because of how Singaporean they made us feel. I am quite sure you will not understand the significance of a Red Dragon playground, or what does a Karung Guni do? This is our culture, our way of life… the way we grew up since we were a kid.

Reason 1: Learn about Singapore through these Rawr Around Singapore Postcards

Following the launch of Tee-Saurus sketch pads in local slangs and the iconic Tee-saurus local themed tee-shirts, Tee-Saurus came out with these interesting and fun local postcards. Learn the Singapore’s way of life through various “Issues” such as from Slangs, Sights, to Snacks, Drinks, and makan.


Reason 2: Bring home a slice of Singapore’s unique culture through these funny and quirky images

Tasted the Ice Kachiang, Chilli Crab or Hokkien MEE? These postcards will remind you of the good taste you have enjoyed during your stay here in Singapore.


Reason 3:  Say  YES to good quality postcards that are meaningful to your recipients

Be impressed by the  good quality of the post card as they are printed on 290 gsm Majestic Marble White (Metallic Paper) which gives a shiny surface.


Explanations of various iconic sights and makans are written at the back of the postcard so you will be reminded of the significance of the photographs.

There are a total of 10 postcards in this series. Each of them retails at $3.50 but you will be pleased to know that there is a promotion on-going right now. Purchase a set of 10 for $25.90!  If you do your maths.. that will amount to $2.59 each. Its almost $1 off each!

If you are residing in Singapore or Malaysia, delivery is FREE for you!

Photo Credits: Tee-Saurus

With so many different designs and interesting postcards to choose from, I’m sure you will find something which you like. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a hand written postcard from a friend or loved one… I am traditional and I love to write… i don’t know about you..

Photo Credits: Tee-Saurus

I’m heading to get my Milo Dinosaur now and to write a love note on one of these postcard to my special someone, bye bye and write soon… oh wait, since you are my loyal reader and you have been so sweet to read till the end of the post. I would like to reward you with ……


10% off all your orders!

Simply quote “TSxPearlywerkz” during check-out to be entitled to this promotion. Only for you my lovely readers.

For more details and information, do check out:


Do you have a favourite design? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Disclaimer: This article is made possible because of Tee-Saurus. Thank you for sending the Tee-Saurus Rawr Around Singapore series of Postcards to me.



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