7 tips for an oh-so-kissable lips

Our face is important, so are our lips. Do you often have dry and peeling lips? Let me share with you some ways which you can care for your lips and make them look more attractive. Say good bye to dry, chapped lips forever and stay clear of Eczematous cheilities.


Eczematous cheilitis or lip dermatitis is a disease is associated with dryness, cracking, or scaling of the lips. This may also affect the skin around the lips. This may be caused by allergies or by excessive licking of the lips.


#Tip 1: Stay hydrated
Water is so important in our lives and we cannot live without it. 65% of our body is made of water, so do hydrate yourself well for obvious reasons. A properly hydrated body will show on your lips. If you are dehydrated, you’ll see your lips peeling or turning red and for some sever cases of lips biting, it will evenย  lead to bumps and swelling.

Lip care Tips: Excessive licking of the lips can look very disturbing and may cause lip dermatitis. Stop doing it!

#Tip 2: Lip Scrub
Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub made with (1tsp Sugar + 1tsp Olive Oil). Gently scrub your lips by spreading the scrub along your lips going in small circular movements to remove dead skin cells. Do this for 30 seconds and rinse off.


#Tip 3: Lip Mask
Apply a lip mask mixture of (1tsp raw honey +1tsp yogurt). Apply it on your lips for 5 minutes using your clean finger tips or the back of a clean spoon, and rinse off. You can put on a raw honey mask and leave it overnight if you don’t mind risking ants on your bed or your “honey” coming to lick it off.

Lip care Tips: There are some commercial lip mask available in the market if you don’t mind splurging a little.


#Tip 4: Apply Lip Balm
Apply lip balm often, even if you use a lipstick , you can use them under your lipstick. You can also go for topical solutions such as applying Vaseline or try the fruity, honey flavoured lip balms. Be spoiled for choice as here are so many different types of lip balms in the market.

Lip care Tips: If you have lip eczema or sensitive lip, do go for only trusty brands. Do select those without “flavouring” and your best bet are those with minty flavors with a good SPF level.

#Tip 5: Lip Gloss
They give your lips the extra moisture and glossy finish with some lip colour. Great for those days where you just wanna appear less formal, at the same time plump up your lips.

Lip care tips: Some Lip Gloss can be quite sticky. You do not need to purse your lips on the tissue to get rid of the “excess” like how you would with your lipstick.

apply lipstick

#Tip 6: Lipstick
Last but not least, give your lips some bright colour. Go for a trusty make-up brand and find something that may like. Go for orange, pinkish shades if you are young and red, brown vampire shades to look more mature.

Lip care tips: I like to apply a layer of lip balm under my lipstick to increase the moisturizing factor as well as prevent my lips from having direct contact with the chemicals contained in the lip stick. Go for natural, organic lipsticks than commercial brands where possible.

I also like to purse my lips lightly on a piece of tissue before I head out, so I do not stain the cups when I drink.

#Tip 7: Lip Tattoos (Temporary)
Try temporary lip tattoos if you are thinking funky. They are gel like lip gloss applied to the lips, where you can peel off after drying for a lip colour on your lips. The colour stays on your lips for quite some time and goes off by itself, so there’s no need for constant lipstick re-application (e.g- after outdoor activities and mealtimes).

Lip care tips:ย Do not over do it and peel off the skin on your lips.

Lip products generally last for 1/2 -1 year once they are used for the first time. Do trash them away once they have reached their end of life to prevent getting in contact with bacteria thriving on them.

I do not recommend sharing of lip balms or lipsticks, unless you are using a lip palette or lip brush.

Got a lip caring or beautifying tip to share? Drop me a comment below.


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